If you see mice in the pet shop you could be forgiven for thinking they are clean animals. After all, they always seem to have clean fur. However, the truth is they are not. Mice leave droppings behind them when they run, the droppings can get anywhere.

In addition, mice like to rummage in rubbish and other unsanitary places, they may look clean but they are known to carry many diseases. This is one of the reasons why you should click here and get professional help if you think you have a mouse problem.

Mice don’t just leave waste products and carry disease, they also invade your food stores and help themselves to anything they like the look of.

Eradicating them is the only solution, but, you’ll then need to clear up the mess.

Get the Right Gear

Mice droppings are a health risk, these carry bacteria and can make you ill. Even worse, small particles from their waste can get into the atmosphere, these can then be breathed in making you ill.

That’s why you need gloves hen clearing up the mouse infestation.

You also need disinfectant spray and plenty of ventilation. If this isn’t possible then you’ll want to wear a mask.

Pick Up The Nest

With your gloves on, pick up the nest and any larger debris. This should all be placed straight into a bag and sealed shut, trapping any bacteria in it.

Spray the Area

You can then spray the area where the nest was. It’s best to make your own disinfectant spray. You can use one part bleach to ten parts water and put the mixture into a spray bottle.

Simply spray the entire area where the nest was and any visible signs of waste, feces, or urine. After spraying let the disinfectant soak in for at least five minutes.

Pick It Up

Where possible you should pick up all waste by hand, ideally with a paper towel while you’re wearing gloves. This offers a good level of protection and the waste can be placed directly into a bag.

You should avoid using a brush as this will create dust and increase the likelihood of bacteria going into the environment. If needed, you can vacuum the area and then empty your vacuum cleaner.

Disinfect Again

After you’ve cleared all the debris you’ll want to disinfect the floor again. This will ensure that all bacteria are killed and the area is safe. You should do the same to anywhere the mice may have been, including bedding, clothes, and countertops.

Make sure all the waste is sealed into bags and wash your hands thoroughly after completing the task.

Dealing With The Mice

The pest control company should have removed any dead mice. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find any. If you come across any dead rodents you should spray them with your disinfectant solution and leave them for five minutes. Then, pick them up by the tail and double bag them. Ensure you throw the bag into a bin that is regularly emptied.