Many people believe virtual private networks (VPNs) emerged as a consumer product. After all, it helps the average user to protect their internet connection. But companies and institutions were using VPNs way before this technology became mainstream. It enabled their employees to access business platforms and resources away from the office. And that’s a VPN function that many businesses forget about.

VPNs now form the bedrock of basic internet security for both personal and professional uses. But most consumer VPNs do fall short in covering the totality of business needs. That’s why this article overviews the essential features you need to consider to choose the right VPN for your business.

Basic Questions

Before diving into the specifics of VPNs, it’s important to look at the basics. As you make your decisions, consider these questions:

  • What do you need the VPN to do?
  • How many devices do you need to protect?
  • Do you have remote workers?
  • Are the other security features you need?

The Three Types of Business VPNs

You can choose between three types of VPNs for your business:

  • fixed,
  • specialized servers,
  • VPN services.

ISPs provide fixed VPNs. These are useful in connecting branch offices to a corporate network. The problem is they can both be expensive and inflexible. If you want to connect a handful of remote workers, it’s not a viable option without serious investment.

The second VPN type uses specialized servers and routers with built-in VPN features. IT departments manage these, making them a better option for large companies.

Finally, there are VPN services. VPN services use cloud-based tools to create encrypted connections between devices and target servers. The advantage is these are cheaper and easy to use. But they may not have the robust business tools you need for your company.

Business VPN Services

Fortunately, in the last year, a new category of business VPN services has begun to emerge. It provides you with the flexibility of VPN services with some business tools or specialized servers.

These VPNs are better suited to help your company. They both encrypt connections to the internet and create secure access to company resources. Some also help protect sensitive information along with extra tools for account management or malware protection.

When looking at business VPN providers, looks for these features as well:

  • Central Management: Is there one place where you can manage access? Does it include secure key management? Are there other tools you can use?
  • Logging: Many VPNs pride themselves on a “no-logging” policy. Some businesses may need logging to audit employee behavior. Others may find it to be a security risk.
  • Activity Management: Do you want to control sites your employees can visit or not? Do you want alerts if employees visit suspicious websites or those containing malware? Activity management can allow you to keep track of employees but may present a cyber-risk.
  • Support: 24/7 support is an absolute necessity. You never know when something could go wrong. Downtime is costly, so be sure you can keep support whenever you need it.

What Business VPN Should I Choose?

Unlike consumer VPNs, where you have endless choices, there aren’t as many players yet. The main reason for this is many don’t have the technical resources to deliver business solutions.

That said, one option is leading the pack. NordVPN Teams is an enterprise-grade VPN solution from the makers of the ever-popular NordVPN. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the developers of the leading consumer VPN also have a top business-grade version.

With NordVPN Teams, you get the advantage of secure, dedicated servers for your company. And all internet traffic still gets encrypted for security purposes.

Not only that, they have many other tools you can take advantage of. From secure remote working to third-party authentication features, they got you covered. And, it’s all backed up by world-class 24/7 customer support. They’ll walk you through the entire process to make sure everything is set up correctly and help with any issues you may encounter along the way.

How to Choose a Business VPN

Begin by creating a list of things you need your VPN to do. Of course, security is the most critical aspect. But from here, include vital elements like how many workers you have, if you need remote access capability, and other specific features based on your business.

Whether you go with NordVPN Teams or another provider, it will help you find the perfect business VPN for all your needs.