Do you want to buy a comfortable mattress on which your sleep would turn not just into relaxation, but into a real healing procedure? To make the right choice, stock up on a solid load of information about what products are offered for sale, what are the properties of the models and which ones are optimal for you.

When choosing the best mattress for stomach sleepers, you need to be guided, first of all, by your own preferences, ideas about convenience and, of course, financial capabilities. Just don’t think that inexpensive mattresses are of poor quality. And among cheap models it is quite possible to choose something that will help you fulfill your dream of a comfortable and healthy sleep.

But, in addition to your own preferences and ideas, you need to know some rules and represent the properties and features of the models and materials from which they are made.

Which mattress to choose: hard or soft?

Most often, people prefer to order an orthopedic mattress, practically having no idea what it is. And this is nothing more than a product that allows the user’s spine to remain straight during sleep. At the same time, it is worth noting that only a few manufacturers have confirmed the right to name their products with a medical term, that is, the actual benefits for the spine of their mattresses. For example, the Ascona and Toris factories have such a certificate.

The good supportive effect in mattresses is achieved in various ways. But the main thing that needs to be learned when choosing is that everything is very individual. The same product can provide a “straight back” effect for one user but not for another. It all depends on the weight of the person who will fit on it. So, under a user with a lot of weight, the soft mattress will bend in the middle, and the posture it takes will be harmful to the spinal column. A man or woman with a low weight is not able to bend the rigid filler enough and the spine will be in a curved state.

Therefore, when choosing a mattress, correlate its properties and your physical data.

Tips for choosing a mattress

  • People with more weight should pay attention to rigid products. These can be springless models made of dense materials with a long service life or spring-loaded models with thick reinforced springs;
  • For people with low weight, it is better to prefer springless mattresses filled with natural latex, soft spring and products where coir is not used;
  • The elderly is not suitable for models with a high degree of rigidity. But soft and medium-hard are what they need;
  • For a sore lower back, sleeping on a hard mattress can be a real torture. Only soft models with well-flexing filling will be the ideal solution for them;
  • For those with problems with the upper spine, firm mattresses are better suited. They will provide optimal support for them.

Which mattress to choose: spring or springless?

The next question that needs to be resolved is which mattress to choose: spring or springless.

Springless models are less elastic. If you are annoyed by the pushing effect of the springs, choose this option. But it must be borne in mind that you will find rigid products only among models in which there are no springs.

Choosing spring mattresses

Spring blocks are divided into dependent (bonnel blocks) and independent . What is the difference between them?

Bonnell dependent springs

The name “addict” speaks for itself. All bonnell springs are interconnected and each of them depends on all the others. When a person lies down on a mattress, by the effect of a hammock, not only the part on which he presses, but also the entire surface bends. In this case, the anatomical effect is sharply reduced. Bonnel blocks are used in the production of economy class products.

Independent springs

The independent springs are barrel-shaped and each is wrapped in a separate case. They are not related to each other. This is what allows the model to adapt to the user’s body. Deflections are formed only in those places where there are anatomical protrusions on the body: the pelvis, shoulders. Therefore, the supporting and anatomical properties of such a product are ideal. In addition, the independent blocks are completely silent, since there is no connection between the steel springs and each is wrapped in fabric.

Fillers for spring mattresses

Between the cover and the springs, there are layers of various fillers: polyurethane foam, latex, coconut coir and others. This is done in order to give the product surface elasticity, softness or stiffness. Here are the characteristics of these materials:

1. Natural latex

This is foamed rubber. It is very resilient, elastic and soft. It can withstand high pressures and evenly load the springs. All these indicators are superior to those of polyurethane foams. Products with natural latex interlayers are very comfortable and durable. Allergic reactions to this material are rare.

2. Foam rubber, artificial latex, polyurethane foam

This filler is characterized by medium hardness. It’s inexpensive. The stiffness and resilience of these materials is perfectly acceptable to provide good support and sleep quality. In addition, they are hygienic, durable and environmentally friendly. When choosing a mattress with polyurethane foam, you should pay attention to the density of this filler. The higher it is, the longer the product will serve. But the more expensive it is.

3. Coconut coir

This filler is made from coconut fiber. It is characterized by high rigidity, excellent air permeability. Often, coconut coir is impregnated with latex to increase its lifespan. Needle-punched coir (without impregnation) is less durable.

4. Filler with memory effect – memoriform

This is an artificial material that is characterized by softness, viscosity, temperature sensitivity. Under the pressure and warmth of the human body, it easily assumes its shape and for a few seconds “remembers” it. The pressure on the body from the surface becomes less. But not everyone likes this “plasteline” effect. Memoriform is based on polyurethane foams or latex (memorialatex). The predecessor of this material is Tempur, which today is the standard of memory materials. Products with him are quite expensive.

5. Sisal or cactus coir

The characteristics of this filler are similar to those of coconut coir. Only cactus fibers are slightly longer than coconut fibers, and therefore cactus coir is more durable.

6. Technogel

This is new material. It is a blue-green gel with a cooling effect. Technogel is used both in mattresses and in pillows. On hot summer nights, it is a true salvation from the heat.

A few more tips for choosing a mattress

  1. Before ordering a mattress, carefully measure the inner perimeter of the bed. This is best done with a metal tape measure. Without measurements, you risk making mistakes and making unnecessary problems for yourself.
  2. Please note that the length of the mattress must be at least 15 cm longer than the height. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to sleep.
  3. Buying a mattress is a very serious matter, so there is no need to rush. Study the characteristics of the models, read user reviews, look at the photos on the website, come to the showroom and lie on different products. Only when you are convinced that everything suits you, make the decision to buy.
  4. Remember the rule: you cannot save on a mattress. If you have the opportunity to order a more expensive model, take advantage of it. The higher the cost, the better the quality, although good quality can be chosen among the inexpensive options.