If you are an Amazon’s regular customer, you will definitely be aware of the term Amazon Return Pallets.

What are these return pallets?

When you shop on Amazon, you often notice some of the products are Prepared for Shipment (Prime) by Amazon. This means that when their inventory runs out, they get this product from its abundance in the warehouse. These goods have never been used and are returned to Amazon because of a variety of reasons. You can purchase these returns from amazon.com and get a huge discount on these products.

These are Amazon Customer Return Pallets which are not only returned goods but they are of great value if you know how to utilize them.

This blog post is going to reveal the secrets about return pallets and how to buy and sell them.

What are the Reasons of Returns?

These are a few reasons for which goods get returned from customers:

  1. The product they received was damaged or defective when delivered to them, so the customer returned it back to Amazon Warehouse.
  2. They shipped a wrong item, which means you can buy an iPhone in place of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on Amazon and so on.
  3. They received the wrong size of product and they returned it back to Amazon warehouse from their place for a replacement.

These returns are made ready for shipment online by using new boxes and packing materials provided by amazon, which means these products are not used or damaged in any way before you get them. If you are a retailer or wholesaler, buying these returns is a smart way to get good profit margins on them.

Where Do Amazon Returns Go?

Amazon returns go to a fulfillment warehouse, which typically has massive space devoted to storing returned products.

You would be surprised to learn where the return storage areas are located in these warehouses.

The Amazon Returns Center at Shelf Support is easy to locate, thanks to its bright orange coloring. The area is gigantic in scale and neatly organized with pallets stacked three high and rows of shelving stretching for miles.

Every pallet is labeled to indicate how it should be handled. A very few product returns are received with damage, but those that do arrive damaged are sorted out here by workers so they can be pulled from the main storage area before customers see them and return them as well

This is to your advantage if you’re looking for a specific product return to purchase.

All excess inventory in the warehouse can be sold here at discounted prices before it’s returned, which means you’ll have access to top of the line products for pennies on the dollar.

There are several ways to locate return pallets online and we’ve listed out some of the best places and resources for people looking to buy quality returns at discounted prices.

Why to Buy Amazon Return Pallets?

Anyone looking for ways to save some cash should consider investing in an Amazon Return Pallet (ARP). You can start buying Amazon return pallets to save money. Some people start with a few hundred dollars, while others have thousands in savings or borrow from friends and family members for the needed funds. When it comes time to resell items, there are many platforms like: Thredup, OfferUp etc.

If you want to start a new business or have side gig, sourcing liquidation pallets is the way to go. These products are sold on both primary and secondary markets so chances are that if it’s being resold then you can find what your customers need in those marketplaces as well. You could specialize in one category of product like home and garden equipment while using general merchandise for everything else.

Don’t worry about buying too much inventory, as it’s easy to sell yourself out! If you’re a reseller with multiple avenues for selling your product and have plenty of space on hand, then bulk shopping could be the way to go. You might also want some extra items that can be resold when they are no longer in demand or need replacing. And if you plan on exporting goods overseas, bulk buying will help keep costs down since there is less shipping involved.

You don’t even have to buy an entire container full of product from China – just order more pieces than usual at first so that once all your customers start asking for them again (and trust me they always do), you’ll already be stocked up and ready.

How to Buy Amazon Customer Return Pallets?

There are thousands to choose from but not all of them are good quality and you’ll be spending a lot of time searching for the right pallet online. So, finding the right return pallets is one of our top priorities when we started this business.

If you’re going to buy a return pallet, then it’s important that you check all the details about it before you start selling it. So, below we’ve listed out some of the most important things to consider when buying a return pallet.

It’s important that you buy high quality returns online and not just quantity. Remember that a good number of product returns can have damage due to various reasons but if you select only the best quality returns and sell them at a discounted rate, then you’ll be making good money out of it.

Amazon has a few dedicated groups of buyers who purchase their customer returns for better prices than retail price you pay in the store. Whenever there is an unexpected increase in inventory of any product, they purchase it at wholesale prices and then resell them on Amazon.

Where to Find Quality Return Pallets?

1. Amazon Warehouse Deals

The first place where you can find good quality return pallets is on the warehouse deals section of Amazon. In this section, there are thousands of products which don’t meet the requirements of selling on regular marketplaces like Amazon but they’re still high-quality and have a low price tag.

2. Online Auctions

There are thousands of online auctions for used and refurbished goods. In those auctions, you’ll find all types of quality return pallets which can be sold on your Amazon FBA business. You should stick to only high-quality products so that you don’t end up with damaged or used items in your warehouse.

3. Online Retailers

There are many online retailers for Amazon sellers who are looking for quality return pallets. In those retailers, you’ll find items from all types of categories. You can search them on Google to identify some good quality products. After you make the identification then contact the seller in order to know more about their pricing and shipping costs. From there, start your negotiations and get the best deal.

There are some sources where you can find the return pallets at discounted price. Here we are listing out such platforms where you can buy quality Amazon returns at a low price.

Check website amazondeals.com

One of the best websites which are known for selling pallets with huge markdowns. If you’re looking to buy any kind of Amazon Returns Pallet, then this is the right place for you. Here we list out all the available discounts on the Amazon Returns Pallet.

Amazon deals is a one-stop destination for all kinds of pallets made available by different vendors from across the world. If you’re selling any kind of return Amazon pallet on your ecommerce platform, you can list them at the website to get the right buyers around the globe.

Visit Alibaba website

If you don’t know what Alibaba is, then you’re missing out on a huge business. It’s the biggest B2B marketplace in the world where businesses from over 200+ countries advertise their products and services for sale online.

Private Facebook Group – Amazon Returns E-Commerce Buyers’ Circle

If you have a private Facebook page, you can search for “Amazon Returns E-Commerce Buyer’s Circle” to buy and sell Amazon customer returns at a discounted price. This is one of the largest groups on Facebook where you can get all kinds of returns for sale online.

Private Website myOdoo.com

This is a private website listing out all the available Amazon Returns Pallet and interested buyers can contact directly with the seller. If you’re looking to buy any kind of Amazon Returns pallets at a discounted rate, then this is one of the best place for you to start your business online.

So, these are some of the places where you can find quality returns shipped by amazon at a discounted price. We update this post every month to add more quality return places for you so that you can find the right pallet online and make good money out of it.

How to Buy Quality Return Pallets Online?

The most important thing is that people trust your listing because if they don’t find quality products in the pallet then they won’t buy from you again.

It’s important to find out about a seller’s performance metrics because if they’re doing well and have good ratings then there are high chances that you’ll get your money return from them in case of a damaged or missing product.

So, here are some of the best ways to find high quality return pallets online.

1. Customer Reviews

Check customer reviews so you know if customers have received damaged product returns or not. If there are a lot of negative reviews about the seller, then don’t buy from them. If you’re selling returns at a discounted price and if your products arrive damaged, then you’ll be the one who’s losing money.

2. Seller Reviews

Check seller reviews to find out if they have a good reputation or not and to see if they’re selling high quality product returns online or not. If the seller doesn’t have any reviews, then it might be risky buying from them because customers can post bad reviews about you on Amazon.

3. Contact the Seller

If you’re buying a product return online, then it’s important that to check if the seller is legit or not and find more details about the pallet before you buy it. So, contact them through email and ask some questions regarding their returns like product material, product measurements etc… Also, ask them about their returning quality control and seller performance metrics.

4. Read Seller Reviews on Amazon

If you’re buying a product return from an Amazon warehouse, then it’s important to check the seller reviews before placing your order. That way, you’ll know if they have good sales history or not and what customers think of them as well.

5. Visit the Seller’s Warehouse

If you’re thinking about buying a product return from the seller, then it’s important to visit their storage place and check for yourself if they have good quality returns or not. You should also find out where they store their returned products so that you don’t buy a broken pallet. Also, get all the details about their returning quality control so that you know how they test each pallet for damage before selling it.

6. Ship the Returned Product Quickly

A seller with good reviews will ship out your order quickly so that you can sell it fast and get your money back within a short period. That way, you can easily maintain an average rating of 4.5 to 5 stars on Amazon and keep your customers happy.

7. Offer Easy Returns and Fast Refunds

If you’re selling product returns at a discounted price, then it’s important to send back your customer’s money as quickly as possible. There are high chances that the customer will return the product for various reasons including damage, wrong item etc… So, if you want good reviews on Amazon then it’s important that you offer your customers fast refunds and returns.

8. Provide Easy Tracking

If you’re selling high quality product returns, then you should provide tracking details to your customer so that they can see where their pallet is. In case of a damaged return, they’ll be able to follow up with the seller and get their money back quickly. Also, if they’re buying a used return pallet then you should provide them with some sort of warranty so that they can see you as a reliable seller with good customer service.


A complete and thorough procedure for buying Amazon customer return pallets is specified in the post. Just follow the mentioned tips and steps, you will easily buy quality return pallets and resell them at a good price. Share your thoughts on this in the comments section.