Traveling overseas soon? You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Yet, all of the excitement can quickly turn to dread if you’re hovering over the toilet the entire time.

The reality is that entering a foreign country can make you more susceptible to illnesses you may have built up an immunity against back home. These include human parasites, which can cause major gastrointestinal distress.

Today, we’re sharing a few preventative steps you can take to lower your risk of contracting these bugs. This way, you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

1. Cook Your Own Food

When you eat at a restaurant in a foreign country, you aren’t privy to the methods they use to wash, peel, and prepare their food. As such, the meal could arrive at your table already contaminated.

While no one wants to stand behind a hot kitchen all day during their vacation, strive to cook as many meals yourself as possible. This way, you exercise full control over your food sanitation. Remember to always wash and peel all fruit and vegetables beforehand!

2. Avoid Meat

This can be a tough one unless you’re a vegetarian! Yet, studies show that undercooked meat can be a major source of parasites, specifically a species of worms called Trichinellosis.

If you can’t resist a steak, ask for the chef to cook your meat to a well-done temperature.

3. Avoid Empty Lots

One of the most enjoyable parts of international travel is exploring hidden dining gems. While you don’t have to give up this endeavor, pay attention to the crowd.

If no one is eating there, that small barbecue joint on the corner might not be the diamond in the rough you hoped it would be. The same goes for the tiny food truck in the alley.

Use your best judgment and if possible, stick with fine dining. It might cost more than a $2 quick bite, but it’s still less than a co-pay!

4. Drink Bottled Water

This is one of the most obvious ways to prevent parasites while traveling. Bring your own or pick some up at the local supermarket. Either way, steer clear of tap water if you can.

Most restaurants will serve tap water in glasses, and use it to make their ice cubes. Bring your bottle along to every meal to stay on the safe side.

Doing so could help you avoid coming into contact with dangerous protozoan parasites, which could be present in even a tiny sip of dirty water!

According to Dr. Jay Davidson from Microbe Formulas (, over 3 million Americans have an STD that comes from a type of protozoan parasite. Many of the affected don’t know they have it.

5. Wash Your Hands

Wondering how to avoid parasites? The answer is right in front of you!

Always scrub up whenever you’ve touched a communal item, from a toilet to a doorknob. You’ll find that you won’t always have easy access to fresh water, so pack antibacterial wipes to do the job.

Bring Home Memories, Not Human Parasites

Though this article is full of ways to ward off human parasites while traveling overseas, it isn’t meant to discourage you from adventure.

When you take the time to prepare beforehand, you can make the most of any international trek and stay safe throughout your journey!

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