Education is constant over the phase of our life. Our institutes teach us how to make use of the education and although our schooling ends our learning process doesn’t. Our mind needs the food of thoughts to nibble on or brainstorm on various things going on in our lives to come up with the best decisions. Eating food for our body is important, likewise we need to feed our mind to increase our intellect. Here are the best known brainfood ideas that can amuse your mind into working hard and enhance your intellect.

Go to the theatre

Comedy theatre has an intriguing way of amusing you by giving your mind a treat it well deserves. Theatre is a line of arts that has a story line, acts, dialogues and a lesson that you have to conclude after the amusement of a complete performance. This can be one of the most useful brainfood for you.

Visit a museum

Go and visit a museum and test your mind with the artifacts, dating back to their original times. Your mind refreshes the best when it surfs through your memory lane and figures out the right information for you.

Watch informative documentaries

Documentary has become an interesting genre in the television and recording history. When you watch an informative documentary, your mind gets busy with processing the new information it is receiving and stores it in the memory lane and the whole process is both amusing and enhances your intellect.

Gather geography facts

Human beings are the most inquisitive in nature. The mind works impressively when it is challenged. The geography of the world intrigues our mind most effectively and turns out to be the best brainfood for us.

Watch a foreign film

Expand your mind by experiencing things produced by other nations in the world. Grab and watch a foreign movie and your mind will process the change of culture, change of tone and style and even the story will be depicted in a different manner, this will give a good food of thoughts to your mind stimulating it in every way.

Learn a new language

Your mind is mostly consumed when you are trying to learn a new language which helps you understand the complex structure of the other language, how to formulate sentences, communicate with people and express yourself in their language. This is not only amusing but also enhances your intellect, that’s for sure. Learning a new language also improves memory and memorization skills and favors switching between tasks quickly.


Reading is a habit that can be amusing but also stimulates your mind and feed it with useful story lines, sentence structures, writer’s perception, his expression and factual figures or incidents. Researchers say reading gives muscles to your memory (this should be enough to convince you), also melts away stress, boosts your vocabulary and improves empathy. Moreover reading about someone’s accomplishments may encourage life goals and give you the strength to overcome obstacles.