When you are creating your business plan or adjusting your business model, you must consider promoting related industries. There are a few steps below that will help you make your business stronger, and you can help other companies at the same time. In a similar manner, you may encourage partners in the area to promote your business because it benefits them.

Narrow Down Your Options

When you are looking for related industries, you must narrow down your options. When you are in the business of manufacturing custom promotional t shirts, you can be spoilt for choices. While any industry can use the marketing from custom made t shirts, you have your task cut out to circle on a few industries and make them the only bones of contention.

You should then start to understand what kind of quality and style these t-shirts will need to adhere to. If it is an industry like high end automobiles, you will need the finest quality polo tees or golf tees to make it appealing to that crowd. So, what an automobile owner might do at an auto show is organize a competition and give these quality t shirts as participation gifts to every prospective client after collecting his or her details.

Additionally, you could help promote the pain, printer, and ink brands that you use (to manufacture the tee). If people are buying more from these brands, you will get better prices. If you are promoting certain events, you can sell more t shirts. You could make shirts for every event that happens in the area, and you can promote the event which will sell more shirts.

Use this same logic if you run a mechanic’s shop. Promote the sale of cars, tires, and accessories because you can fix them. You can promote the oil companies you use. When people need to purchase those oils or need help, they will come to you.

How Do You Relate Your Business To A Customer’s Happiness?

You should try to relate your business to the happiness of every customer. If you own a mechanic’s shop, you should promote all the cars that you can fix. You can promote the tires that you can repair or install because sales will rise. Plus, people who can keep a car for a long time will buy another. These happy customers will come back to you because they enjoyed the car so much, and they will relate your expertise with their purchase.

Find Partner Businesses

If you sell auto parts, you can promote the sale of vehicles from partner businesses. The car dealerships that are near your location could become partners. You can promote the sale of the cars those dealers carry. People will need tires and auto parts, and they will come to you for those parts. If the car dealers are not doing well, your sales will drop.

You could do the same thing if you own a gas station. Promoting the sales of cars from local dealerships will create more customers for your business.

Use Regional Pride To Your Advantage

If you are a meat importer or processor, you need your customers to sell food every day. If you work in the Philly area, you could promote the sale of cheesesteaks around Philly and South Jersey. When these restaurants have more customers, you can sell more meat. You could promote the sale of New York-style pizza if you sell cheese to pizza shops. You could promote Chicago-style hot dogs when you sell the vegetables that are used on these hot dogs.

Promote Holidays And Events

You should promote holidays and events that happen in the area. If you are a beer distributor, you should promote every sporting event and concert in the area. You can promote sporting events that only happen once a year, or you could run ads for teams that play long seasons. You could promote special holidays like St. Patricks’ Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, and even Labor Day. These holidays are prime days for alcohol sales, and you can make more money.

If you advertise these events weeks in advance, you can increase sales for a few weeks instead of a few days.


The tips above will help you promote related industries and events. You can narrow down your options to find the best things to promote that are related to your business. You can market your company, but you should promote the sale of things that will help you make money. Consider all the industries that feed into your own. Car dealerships help mechanics stay in business. Holidays and sporting events help liquor stores make money. Local schools and sports leagues will help custom print shops stay in business. Promote as many things as you can to increase profits.