Whether you are shopping for home improvements or airline tickets, the desire to save money is always at the back of your mind. But finding the best prices for any item seems incredibly difficult, especially when you are in a hurry.

With that being said, it can be frustrating to make an important purchase only to find out that the same item is available for a lower price at another location.

That’s where price match strategies come in.

By comparing the prices of different sellers and using the information to your advantage, you can save a significant amount of money on your shopping.

Interested to learn more? Here are 5 ways to use price matching in your everyday purchases.

1. Best Price Match

If you want to fetch prices from multiple platforms at once, make sure to give Best Price Match tool a try.

With one quick search, the solution gathers prices from various websites and delivers them to you in a handy list. This ensures that you don’t have to open hundreds of tabs on your browser just to find an affordable price for the products you need. This makes it a must-have solution for anyone who wants to shop smart.

2. Price Matching Guarantee

Simply put, a price matching guarantee is a promise by a store to lower the price of its products if they are sold at a decreased price by another retailer. Some even provide further discounts on the matched price to encourage more sales.

Finding a price matching guarantee by your favorite retailer is one of the best ways to shop at lower prices without changing your buying habits. Simply find a product listing with a lower price at another store, and you have got yourself a deal.

3. Credit Cards

Between their annual percentage rate (APR) and service fee, could you ever guess that credit cards actually save you money? Good news: They can, and they do.

Some credit cards offer price protection that allow you to get a refund on an item from a retailer if you find it at another store at a lower price. This is a partial refund and covers the difference from your payment to the seller. You can find these programs from popular credit card providers such as Chase and Citi.

4. CamelCamelCamel

Before you turn away due to CamelCamelCamel’s jarring name, it’s important to clarify that the solution is quite helpful in its design. It is purpose-built for Amazon shoppers, and creates nifty price alerts on the products that are available on the eCommerce giant.

You can start using it by entering Amazon listings that you want to keep tabs on. Whenever there’s a movement in your selected item’s price, the tool notifies you right away. This is especially helpful if you are awaiting discounts by a seller but don’t know when they will unveil them.

5. Google Flights

Price match strategies are not limited to retail products, which is why Google Flights has become quite popular in the past few years.

As the name suggests, the tool allows you to track the prices of popular airlines. Simply enter your trip details, and you will have the airfare listed by all credible airlines for your selected date. You can also create price alerts to never miss a chance for better pricing.

With these strategies, you can easily cut back on your shopping costs without having to make any compromises. As you continue using these solutions, they come as second nature to you and allow you to get optimal deals for most of your purchases.