In the fast pace of our daily routine we fail to notice the smallest yet most important detail of our body’s needs. Just like food, water is also a very significant need of our body and should be taken in the properly measured amount that is recommended by the analysts. Our attitude on the other hand is very careless regarding it. We keep up with our busy schedules and grab a glass of water only when we are near it or feel really drained of it. We should carefully consider the set amount of it and should determine our water intake and goals.

The oldest and most useful recommendation is to drink 8 glasses of water a day. This has now been stated by the analysts to be the least amount and could only be ranked as the beginner’s goal. The spokesperson of the Nutrition and Dietetics academy Mr. Robin Foroutan says a standardized, fixed for all, amount of water intake cannot be determined or advised, at the same time he mentions that 8 glasses could be the least amount that should be taken but should not be limited to, for all.

Another recent study by the Institute of Medicine suggests differently for genders. It says that women should take 2.7 liters as the minimum and men should have 3.7 liters of liquid a day. The study also suggests alternating between the diverse options of the liquid intake, to complete your goal, but a lot of plain water is preferable. Try harder to stay hydrated particularly if your body sweats a lot especially during hot weather.

Mr. Forouton also advises to observe the following things:

  • How much water you usually drink?
  • How conveniently you achieve your daily target of liquid intake?
  • How is your body reacting to this amount?
  • How thirsty you normally feel in hot weather?
  • Observe the sensation and color of your urine (if its darker yellow than increase your intake and so is the case with burning sensation)

Water is a necessity of your body that you need to fulfill. It provides you with a most needed nutrient and caters to the loss of water, from your body, that occurs in many ways. You need water in an adequate amount, to stay healthy and fit, as per your body needs. Your various organs get the benefit from your proper intake of water as it supports them in their functionality. Water, if taken in proper quantity, will ultimately boost your muscles, elevate your mood and help you focus.

Out of many advantages of water intake, the best could be the weight loss, for many people. The extended amount of water that you will take, will help you feel less hungry and will help in getting to your goal.

Every one of us need a proper amount of water to drink so that our body stays hydrated. In hot weather, one must not forget to take up-size intakes of liquid because of extreme sweating. You must also make sure that you are drinking an extra liter or two when you are working out in summer. It will help you to gain your body composure and will keep you properly hydrated which will bring you more energy.

It has been observed that to drink a glass of water in one go is hard for many people. It is therefore advised to just keep sipping. They can measure their time and intake and then keep sipping lesser amounts after about every hour. Or can try juices, coffee, tea or lemonades to maintain their adequate amount of liquid in their body.