The kitchen is one of the basic elements of every home, which can add value to the beloved home if it displays luxurious looks. The kitchen extension has everything that an ideal kitchen needs.

The kitchen extension offers many benefits, such as expansive space for dining, more room to cook along with mates, and the mesmerizing sight of the backyard. Every feature of it combines to kick away the ordinary looks of the kitchen.

But beforehand, the central question is how much an extension of your kitchen costs? The answer entirely depends upon the project, type, and quality of the kitchen extension. Below are some of the things to consider to know how much a kitchen extension costs.

The type of kitchen extension

Side return extension

One of the mightiest options in the list is the side return extension. Unlike single-story or double-story extension, side return extension is not a distinct addition to the house, but it helps revamp the faded looks of the kitchen and provides more room for cooking. Many house owners opted for a side return extension since it is budget-friendly. Side return extension costs between $1000 to $2000 per square meter.

Single-story extension

As the name suggests, this type of extension covers a single-story and is usually constructed at the edge of the property to access the backyard or garden via a glass door or window. Bi-fold doors or sliding doors are typically attached to the entryway, which gives an eye-catching view of the backyard.

The glassy touch embraces the sunshine that produces a movie scene during the daytime. Either it is raining, snowing, or the sun is roaring, the kitchen extension connects the kitchen with outer world scenes and makes the challenging task of cooking fruitful. The single-story extension typically costs $1500 to $2500 per square meter.

Double-story extension

The double-story addition reaches up to two stories, from the ground up to the roof. It is a fair solution if the house owner wishes to extend the kitchen to both floors. A certain type of design and building permission is required, keeping the integrity of the neighbor’s property intact.

The convenient way to know how much a double-story extension costs, the usual approach is to add %50 to the total budget of a single-story extension. The cost of a double-story extension varies if both floors are different in size.

Cost of laborers

Selecting the right type of extension that fits well with the rest of the home is the most critical step. Another important chapter begins after choosing the type of kitchen extension, which is hiring the right professional company.

Every construction company has its standards and budget menu. Amateurs perhaps not be able to meet the visionary ideas of the house owners. A good company costs high. However, it can transform the everyday looks of the kitchen with a trendy design.

Design of Kitchen Extension

Kitchen extension design includes various elements, such as cabinets, shelves, windows, and stylish stoves, to add more detail to the overall look. Each component has different cost ranges that vary depending on the quality of the product quality. Adding more elements results in more beauty, but the cost of kitchen extension arises with the addition of each element.