No matter what your work is, looking at the examples of the biggest companies is always inspiring and educational. Especially if you’re about to hire javascript developers but still don’t understand how you will use the language in your company. Taking a look at the examples of giants can give you a hint, ensuring that you too use JavaScript most efficiently.

Even if you don’t think about using JavaScript in your business yet, this list of the famous companies using JavaScript will still be pretty entertaining.

So lay down on your couch and let us take you on a tour of the:

10 Major Companies Using JavaScript


Yes, you’ve heard it right. We open the list with the famous Microsoft, which heavily relies on JavaScript. It is mainly used to build the Edge web browser. As all the browsers should run and process JavaScrip efficiently, Microsoft has decided to create its own engine to power Edge.


Next on our list is PayPal. It is no secret to any of us that Paypal has used JavaScript for developing the frontend of their website, but that’s not it. PayPal was also one of the pioneers in adopting NodeJS. They liked the NodeJS so much that they decided to use it for building all the client-facing applications. In other words, almost all that you see on your PayPal account page is created with Node.


Have you ever wondered how your favorite streaming service has built its platform? Well, the reason you can invite your friends to Netflix and chill during the weekends is JavaScript. However, for a long time, Netflix used to rely heavily on Java.

As it started to grow, Netflix slowly shifted from the traditional structure to the cloud. This was when it embraced NodeJS, which helped them a lot to build their interface.


The story of eBay is very similar to the one of Netflix. They have been using Java for almost everything until they started to encounter problems and realized that Java is not the best solution for their platform. So they decided to try NodeJS.

NodeJS worked out pretty well. In fact, so well that they decided to migrate their entire user face stack to NodeJS.


In the past, everyone talked about Groupon being slow. Well, the reason was Ruby on Rails. Before switching to NodeJS, Groupon developed its application with the Ruby on Rails framework, which brought them a lot of difficulties in speed and maintenance. Luckily enough, they have changed their framework and started working with NodeJS which quickly solved all their issues.


One of the main challenges of Uber is handling a large amount of data in real-time. They have to deal with continuous requests, track the driver locations, rider location, and so much more. To perform all of it seamlessly and efficiently, they need powerful technology. And NodeJS proves to be the one, as it handles all the requests pretty quickly, handing off data as fast as it can.


If you use Facebook, you probably know that it uses JavaScript a lot. It is noticeable. What’s not noticeable is the amount of JavaScript usage in Facebook development. Well, to figure out how much Facebook relies on JavaScript, try to disable it from your browser. You won’t even be able to log in as even the logging in function does not work without JavaScript.


Another popular social media platform that uses JavaScript is LinkedIn. LinkedIn relies on NodeJS to create its mobile site. LinkedIn used Rails for this task back in the past, but it was too slow and inflexible as all other big Rail applications.

When it switched to NodeJS, the scaling problems were quickly solved, and the mobile app started to perform way better.


For Google, JavaScript is everywhere. You can find it in search results, Gmail, Google docs, and pretty much in everything else. In fact, Google usually develops and most times makes open-source its own JavaScript tools. Why? Well, because it’s Google, and it can! Remember AngularJS? It was created and maintained by Google and was used a lot in their DoubleClick advertisement platform.


Finally, we close our list with Walmart. Although many people do not consider Walmart a tech company, the fact is that its online retail business is pretty huge. And, as you could have guessed, it uses NodeJS pretty heavily.

That was our list of the ten most popular companies that use JavaScript. If we missed any of the giants, make sure you let us know in the comments section!