According to research, many people don’t know that their living room furniture needs replacing every so often. Some people wait until their furniture becomes too damaged to replace it. Some signs of damaged furniture include pieces that are:

  • Shabby
  • Squeaky
  • Wobbly
  • Faded

Sometimes, waiting for too long to repair your furniture can have dire consequences. For instance, a squeaky chair can give way when you sit on it and cause you injury.

Because these pieces don’t come with expiry dates, it can be hard to tell when they need replacing. However, a couch, recliner, or coffee table in bad shape will have tell-tale signs of its poor condition.

Well, here is how you can tell that your living room furniture sets has served its purpose and needs replacement.

How Long Should Your Furniture Last?

Many experts agree that most living room sets can last anywhere between seven and fifteen years. Usually, the higher the quality of the furniture, the longer it is likely to last. Top-notch furniture can even last more than twenty years, as is evident from classic pieces that are passed down from one generation to the next.

But just because most furniture hits the 7-year mark in good condition does not mean that you should put up with a couch that no longer serves you. The factors that influence a living room set’s life expectancy are many and varied, so don’t wait for seven years to upgrade or replace your furniture.

For instance, a living room set in a home with kids and pets will endure more wear than one with no kids. Additionally, if your family spends more time in the family room and you only use the living room for formal occasions, your living room set might serve you well for decades.

When Should You Replace Your Living Room Set?

The following are signs that your living room set needs repair or replacement:

A creaking noise

If sitting on your couch, side chair, or recliner produces a pesky creaking noise, then the piece has structural issues. You may find that the chair sags when you plop on it, the legs wobble, and you generally feel ill at ease when sitting on it.

As soon as you notice that creaking noise, make plans to either replace or repair the chair. The last thing you want is to suffer embarrassment when a spring or nail pricks an unsuspecting guest. The probability of people falling off a squeaky chair is also quite high, and it can be both embarrassing and risky.

Worn Cushions

Another sign that your living room set needs replacement or repair is if the cushions are worn. There is little need to put up with an uncomfortable sofa or chair. If it no longer feels good to sit on, it is wisest to replace it.

It Looks Shabby

A living room set that is tattered and grungy can detract a lot from your home. If you notice unsightly stains or signs of wear on your upholstery, you might need to reupholster your furniture.

Moreover, if your living room set has faded with age or due to sunlight exposure, it may be time to replace it. Tables with worn edges, stained areas, or warped surfaces also require replacement.

It No Longer Fits Your Space

Have you been using the same couch you bought when you first moved out? Is it too small for your current house and doesn’t accommodate your growing family and friends comfortably? Then you should consider replacing it.

Besides, if your furniture is decades old, there is a good chance that it no longer serves your home décor needs. Your table may clash with your curtains, or your old chair might feel out of place among your newer furniture.

If your pieces feel outdated, it certainly is time to replace them.

Should You Replace or Reupholster Your Furniture?

If you are at a crossroads whether to toss your old furniture out or simply reupholster it, the following guidelines will help.

What is the Extent of Damage to The Furniture?

If your main concern about your living room set is its appearance, reupholstering it might be better than replacing it. However, structural issues like sagging chairs or warped tables warrant a replacement, not simple repairs.

Is the Piece Serving Your Needs?

If you have outgrown the use of your living room set, perhaps because it is too small for your space, then replacing it is certainly better than repair.


According to many furniture experts, most living room sets can last between 7 and 15 years. If yours has already hit the seven-year mark and shows signs of damage, you should consider replacing it.

However, some furniture may require replacement or repair even before it hits the seven-year mark. You can use the guidelines on this post to decide whether to replace, repair or simply reupholster your furniture.