The association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is an international accountancy organisation that is globally recognised. It is the most viable platform for those interested in making a career in Accounts and finance. ACCA offers a “Chartered Certified Accountant” qualification and has its presence in over 180 countries.

Why go for ACCA

We all know how prolific and respected the job position of a chartered accountant is. It is an integral part of every business as no company can function without a financial department. To acquire such a position, you surely need a degree and necessary skill set. This is where the globally recognised accountancy body called ACCA comes into the picture. Being over 100 years old, they are highly respected and have a thorough curriculum to imbibe students with crucial expertise.

With an ACCA degree in hand, you can try your luck in auditing, banking, consulting and more. The credibility of this degree is largely due to the gruelling exams that one has to clear to earn a certificate. There are a total of 80international accountancy bodies that are in partnership with ACCA which means you can make career anywhere in the world. The programme is continuously updated to incorporate recent trends, skills and values. This ensures that later on you can function well at senior management levels and make a stable career for self.

ACCA time duration

To be able to complete your ACCA qualification, you will need to complete a total of 14 exams. You can get exempted from a few of them but that entirely depends upon your qualification.

Based on this you can easily complete all your exams in two years but an ACCA also requires 3 years of practical work experience. So, to be a qualified accountant you will need to dedicate 3 years to this course. Considering how flexible the programme is, one can always learn the coursework while holding a job. Prior to completion of ACCA course, you can grow by leaps and bounds in your career.

What makes ACCA so popular?

ACCA has become one of the most popular and sought after degree among professionals. This is because candidates get to gain field-specific knowledge in finance and accounting. They are equipped to work efficiently and employers benefit as they are not required to spend any extra money for training prospective employees.

ACCA course in itself is highly structured and prepares one to operate in multiple sectors. This means that not only can you work globally but can try out various domains. You can choose to work in the public, corporate or financial sector and easily handle dynamic and interesting roles. Various ACCA professionals have found prominent positions with corporate giants and MNCs. Considering that you can enrol for this course irrespective of being from any stream only adds to its popularity.