Children: They can make you smile, despair, laugh, cry, stress, proud, worry – and the list goes on. And let’s not forget how very expensive they can be. From the day they are born until they fly the nest (and perhaps after this, too), you may often question whether you’re a bank alongside being a parent.

From “Mum, can you buy me new school trainers?”, to “Dad, can I borrow some money for the weekend?”, the demands can often feel endless. So, how much does it cost to be a parent, and just how expensive can children be?


Before babies are even born, parents run around in the last few months of pregnancy picking up pushchairs, cots, car seats, clothing, blankets, bottles, bibs, nappies and more. Purchasing everything you need before the baby arrives soon adds up, and that’s even before your new pride and joy has entered the world.


Not only do young children have a habit of staining or ripping the majority of clothes you send them out in, they are often quite skilled at putting holes in their shoes, too. At this age, children start school, which also means that you need to stock up on uniforms, stationery, books and lunchboxes, which of course don’t come cheap. With new school years come new school trips, too. While you want to be able to send your children on adventurous outings, they all come at a cost.


While your kids have developed a lot more independence by this age and may have even got themselves a weekend job alongside their studies, you may find that they’re costing you more now than ever. For one, the fridge is never full enough when it comes to teenagers. And as they’re growing, they’re in constant need of new clothes. They want to experience new sports classes, spend the weekends with their friends and need dropping off at various locations. They have exams, must look the best in their prom outfits and then need to start thinking about university.

From birth onwards, kids are costly. With factors such as inflation, the cost of raising children may continue to increase. This could have a knock-on effect, whereby individuals may choose to postpone having another child, or need to plan having a baby carefully around working hours in order to remain living comfortably. By staying financially organised, you’ll be able to manage all of the expenses that come with the joy of raising a family.