You may have heard that VPNs are a great way to protect your identity, money and personal details. You probably know that VPNs can help you stream movies and tv-series, and access streaming services and tv channels in general, even when they are unavailable in your location. It’s almost impossible not to have heard something about it. But do you know that VPNs can also allow you to save a lot of money? How?

1. Flights

Everybody likes to travel. And while it may be easier than ever before these days, it certainly can get quite expensive, especially when we talk about long-distance and overseas travel. Luckily, there is something you can do about it. According to Security Gladiators, you can save as much as $2000 on your flights if you’re using the right VPN. Airline companies are known for adjusting prices to users’ different locations so you may unknowingly end up paying significantly more than a guy who sits next to you on a plane. Also, some websites will charge you more if they know, from your searching history, that you spent a lot of time researching flights. Shocking, but true. All you need is to change your location to a lower-income country or that of the airline’s origin (local prices tend to be lower than foreign as well) and erase your cookies and information history.

2. Online shopping

The first and the most important advantage is that VPN protects you whenever you’re making an online purchase and use your credit card or bank account to pay. Apart from that, some online stores and e-commerce sites, just like airlines, will charge you accordingly to your location. That’s because a lot of these pages use a system of dynamic pricing which researches and decides how much users from a specific location are willing to pay for a product or a service.

3. Time-restricted television content

This is a problem especially for sports fans who don’t always have the possibility to watch what they want from the beginning till the end. This is the case in some countries for the transmissions of Olympics, Wimbledon, NBA, NFL, NHL, and more. Most transmissions will be somehow limited and you end up being cut off in the middle of a match or there’s no way at all for you to watch hockey during the Olympics because they only show you skiing and snowboarding, etc. When you have a VPN, you simply change your location to another country.

4. Hotels and rental cars

Both hotels and car hire companies also operate with the dynamic pricing system that changes accordingly to your location. This is especially true and very common in the case of rental cars – there are different taxes, surcharges and types of insurance to consider. It’s widely known that rental companies charge foreigners more than locals, especially when they book automatically online. When it comes to hotels, it’s better to try different VPN locations, because there are no general rules as to their pricing and it may be individual.

5. Streaming services

You won’t only have a possibility to stream different movies and tv-series, as each country has its own database, but you will also be able to find a location where the price is lower. For example, US Netflix is known for its great selection of shows and movies and they geo-block you from accessing it from abroad in a normal way. VPN will also give you an opportunity to access it without paying higher, American prices.

The bottom line

VPNs have multiple advantages, but you only can enjoy them all freely and carefreely if you’re using the right VPN. Sometimes it’s better to invest some money in the proper, legit service than trying to economize only to end up with even more troubles than before. Look for VPNs that don’t store your personal data, and have good customer service, high speeds and a strong network of servers all around the world.