Summer is that period of the year when the majority of people decide to take a vacation. Even if a person doesn’t travel anywhere, they will do their best to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying those hot summer days. However, summertime is one of the most difficult work periods when it comes to HR and their responsibilities. Looking for new talent during the summer is particularly hard as pretty much everyone wants to take a break and relax. Here are a few tips for HR teams to take into account to organize their work in the summer in a more efficient way.

To begin with, the best thing a company can do for its employees during the summer is to organize a party. Starting from May, the whole human resources team should allocate a lot of time on the planning process. It will help boost creativity during the summer as well as demonstrate how much the company cares about its employees. The perfect idea would be to take a few days off and fly to a new city or country. This way, every single employee will have an opportunity to enjoy a mini-vacation.

Another superb idea is to introduce a flexible schedule, at least during summertime. It is very important for a company to make certain their employees have a good work-life balance. Having a flexible schedule means that the company wants the employees to have an active life after work as well as to use every opportunity they have to unwind and relax. This way, employees get a chance to spend their time with friends and family, to travel more or simply to stay at home and do nothing.

Apart from that, a lot of HR teams try to hire an intern in the summer. This way, a student gets a superb opportunity to acquire useful knowledge and experience while a company has a new person to delegate some of the tasks to. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Speaking about other initiatives the HR team can implement, an idea of introducing a wellness program really stands out. It is a great way to motivate and re-energize the employees as well as make their working days a bit different than people are used to. Summer is perfect for such activities because the weather is usually great. Thus, people enjoy spending more time outside. You can organize a walk or a bike tour; a few hours break for swimming pool lessons; tennis tournaments and so on. All in all, the task of the HR team is encourage employees to spend more time outside. For instance, they can eat their lunch outside on a balcony with their colleagues or go out for a meal to a nearby cafe.

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