Since we are living and dealing with industrial revolution 4.0, every industry has to deal with crane work whether it may be the manufacturing industry or it may be the construction industry. A crane is a machine that consists of chains and hooks, and it’s used for lifting heavy loads.

For many people, it is common to raise questions in their minds such as what is a crane?, how does a crane work?, what are the different types of crane hooks? In this article, the explanation of those common questions will be encountered.

What is a Crane?

A crane is typically a machine that consists of ropes, chains, Pulley, and crane hooks which deals with the lifting or lowering of heavy loads to move them one place to another. After the industrial revolution 4.0, cranes are genuinely evolved. Nowadays, construction, transport, and every manufacturing industry have cranes, depending upon the size, type, and use. Crane can be of many types such as:

Mobile Crane

Mobile crane is widely used because they are capable of moving from one place to another very easily. These cranes are specially built-in a vehicle that may be easily called when needed. These cranes also have various types such as Truck-Mounted, Rough Terrain, Crawler, harbor, aerial, and Floating.

Fixed Crane

Just like normal cranes, these machines are also used for lifting and lowering the loads, but these cranes are immovable. Due to their stability, they are huge in height and capable of lifting more heavy loads than mobile cranes. They are assembled for use and when once the work is done, they are dismantled. These cranes are generally used for the construction of buildings and transport industries. Just like mobile cranes these also have various types such as Tower, Hammer Head, Overhead, Gantry, and Jib.

How Does a Crane Work?

The total mechanism depends upon the working arm called the jib. The jib is a long arm which has heavy loads to maintain its stability, also to move the loads close and far, a mover is mounted on the jib. This all-electronic mechanism is operated by the operator cab. Once the mover is setup, then pulley and crane hooks play a vital role.

What are Crane Hooks?

Crane hooks are the most important part of the crane. They are used to lift and lower the load. Crane hooks are attached to the rope wire or chains so that it can maintain its grip and bear its load. Crane is most dependent on their hooks, so it should be noted that the hook must be strong and safe. A hook should be:

  • Safe
  • Properly designed
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Ductile
  • Tough

Fail-Safe Designed Crance Hooks

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