As the year goes towards reaching its finale, people around the world gear up for the Christmas Celebrations on the 25th of December. As people engage in celebrations around the world, have you ever wondered what is it about the parties that really stand out when it comes to Christmas celebrations? Surely, it is the Christmas decorations.

Like all other festivals, Christmas has always had its own quaint traditions when it comes to adding a charming touch to the celebrations. The well-decorated, huge Christmas trees, the sweet sound of bells and chimes, soothing lights and so much more add up to the flavour of the festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. While the expenses of these decorations have been soaring, let us go through some innovative ideas which will help party organizers with economical and beautiful Christmas decorations.

Beautiful Paper Craft

There’s nothing more economical yet useful on offer, than Paper. One can use colourful papers of different textures to make ornaments for decorating the Christmas celebrations. One can prepare small cutouts of Santa, reindeers and sledges enriched with vibrant colours and stick them to the Christmas trees and to the gift boxes.

Paper Crafts can be also used to prepare streamers to decorate the ceilings of the rooms or the gates. Colourful streamers add up a vibrant touch to the Christmas decorations.

Colourful flowers made with tissue

Artificial flowers might not mesmerize the party crowd with its aroma, but it will certainly enhance the beauty of the Christmas Decorations. Tissues are always readily available in every household and can be used to prepare beautiful flowers of different varieties and sizes that add up to the beauty of Christmas celebrations.

Strands of tissue can be cut in the sizes of satisfaction and flowers can be made out of them. Tissues provide the softness to the artificial flowers, unlike ordinary paper. These flowers can be taped on wires or small twigs and placed in different areas of the rooms.

Homemade chimes

There’s nothing sweeter on the ear in a Christmas celebration than when chilly Winter winds create a stir in the wind chimes. Wind chimes provide a lovely background sound to your celebration, something even Hans Zimmer would be proud of.

Making a chime is simple if bangles are available in the household. If not, even small metal balls and caps of fizzy drinks work quite well together. All that has to be done is to get hold of a cardboard ring, around which colourful ribbons can be suspended. The bangles when tied up to these ribbons provide just the chimes that would complete your Christmas celebration.

Brighten up your party with lights

Lights are the most essential part of any Christmas Decorations. And nothing is more useful than Candles to provide the homely warmth of soothing lights. But simply lighting up candles doesn’t work, as something more innovative needs to be done.

Candles can be inserted into unused and old jars, covered up with their lids and then decorated with ribbons to prepare lanterns for the Christmas party. These lanterns can be further decorated with stars and moons cut off silver papers or even broken or unused CDs.

Candles can also be tied up with twigs of same sizes to provide more innovation to the lanterns.

Quaint gift boxes

Christmas has always been reminiscent of fables of Santa and his gifts. And it is difficult to imagine a Christmas Decoration without adding up a customized touch of gift boxes. Use homemade gift boxes in the centre of your tables, at the corner of your rooms and around the Christmas tree to ensure an aesthetic look around your party.

Making gift boxes are fairly easy. Disposed cardboard boxes, unused cereal boxes and boxes of appliances can be used in this regard. All you need are boxes of different sizes and paper to wrap them up. Give your old boxes their perfect wrapping with simple wraps and cover them up with colourful and bright ribbons.

More customized touches can be added to the boxes, like sticking pine leaves to the boxes, using Santa stickers on the boxes, writing names of relatives on them as well as adding up some phrases or thoughts on one corner of the gift boxes.

Decorations emulating Snow and Snowflakes

Snow is the best symbol of Winters and every household has the best material that can be used to emulate snow: Cotton. A touch of snow around the house provides the perfect look of a Winter environment.

The railings of staircases can be covered with snow to provide a snowy look. Snowflakes made with silver paper, leaves of pine and red ribbons can be used on the cotton to complete it’s Christmas outlook. Strands of Cotton can also be added at the corners of the party entrance and the tables.


While expensive decorations increase the lavishness of your party, economical and beautiful Christmas decorations provide that homely feeling to your Christmas celebrations. Christmas is all about the coming together of friends and families in a joyous celebration. And with the innovative decorations that have been mentioned above, one can ensure that everyone at their party feel the warmth of a Christmas party, they have never experienced before.