The ability to be social and open to new experiences is an innate characteristic of humans. We live in an era that is so fast these days that we seem to be in a constant race that never ends. We are different in nature and respond to different circumstances uniquely.

Many of us could hardly make the people we know happy at all. Whereas some others can not only manage to keep their friends and family happy and loved but they even join groups, have extended circles and activities.

Then there are those, who know nothing but to love and they don’t bind it to humans only but also subject their pets and other animals to it too.

Animals, we all know it, can’t converse with us in the most common language of ours that we speak, but they still try to understand and communicate with us in their own way. Different animal behavior analysts have varied opinions regarding human encounters with animals.

Once Anatole France said: “Until we have loved an animal, some portion of our soul remains un-stirred.

We generally like to keep pets, play with them, take care of them, feed them and own them but every now and then we encounter an incident that makes us re-evaluate our perception of animals as our friends. We have to limit our blind trust in them.

But generically, we can’t decide. In centuries of both the species of man and animal living together, we are still uncertain about the innocence of animals. We can’t devise rules against them or for them as it has been an equally unpredictable creation of God as we, humans are.

People have had the chance to train them so well that they behave better than even some humans. And sometimes when we least expect it, they tend to attack the humans unsuspectingly, when they were merely trying, to amuse the animals or be amused by them.

We have recorded countless of incidents where the animals have been useful, friendly, loyal and faithful to humans. But on the contrary, we have seen many other incidents where the pets have attacked their owners badly, when they were least expecting it. Or the animals in nature have been so vicious, that you are bound to wonder, on their virtue.

Training animals for our multi purposes is common now. But some of us have a better understanding of the animals and they assimilate an atmosphere for them where the animals don’t feel humiliated like in the cages in zoos and they feel as close to their habitat as possible. They love their owners and are very loyal to their owners.

Many of us fight these days for the safety of endangered species or for the rights of animals especially the ones that are being used in animal testing by scientists. Nonetheless, comes the encounters with the animals where they attack humans and all the love for animals as our equal beings on earth, vanishes.

Most recently, we have heard about two entirely baffling news about animals. These have again revived in our mind that we are not certain about the animals, in our lives, at large.

Where one news states how well a gigantic bear has adapted the human surrounding of a human family. It sits, cuddles, plays and eats with them and behaves such lovingly that the family happily adores it and affords all the requirements of a bear living with them. It is perfectly domesticated and shows no sign of its naturally malicious nature. Its size is gigantic, but it can be easily empowered by its owners who have taken it, as an infantile.

On the other hand, the second news talks about the security warnings that have gone up on the shore in Richmond, British Columbia, in Canada. It warns the local public and visitors about the dangers of feeding the see animals. This warning came out when a little visiting girl got the scare of her life from a sea lion. Not only did it try to scare her by the edge of a dock but it truly pulled her into the water on the second attempt. The girl was saved by her father, who jumped right into the water to rescue her daughter.

This is what makes us human, skeptic about the animals. This little girl who got attacked by the sea lion and the onlookers will never trust a sea lion again.

The encounters of animals and human, individually, are so assorted that we are bound to live together on the planet earth with as much peace as possible. We humans being the most resourceful should try to devise such ways and modes that can help us and them live together without harming the other species and also could make the best of each others’ presence on Earth.

Photo Source: Svetlana Panteleenko