In today’s world, without a cell phone life is not complete at all. Forgetting your cell phone somewhere seems to be a nightmare as it is one of the most precious possession to have. It’s not just a means of communication, instead it is much more than this. It can become anything, such as your whole working station, your study notes, and your shopping gallery, whatever you want. It’s not a luxury thing anymore, rather it’s a necessity to have. Today, we will discuss why people can’t live without cell phones now even for a single day and how they’ve changed our lives completely.

Communication is no problem – Talk anywhere and everywhere

Cell phones are everywhere and have made people much closer as they could be ever before. The affordability is one of the greatest reasons even the homeless can afford it, people can now buy any cheap or used phone for communication purpose at the job, with family, friends, etc. The accessibility to people became really easy through this. Unlike older times, now it’s really feasible to reach someone at the time of emergency as they are just a call away. Meetings, important discussions, surprise plans all can be done just on a conference call. Isn’t that so much advanced?
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No language barrier

If you don’t want to call or you’re not in a mood to talk then SMS – short messaging service is there to help you. Not only this, one can easily show their expressions through emoji, including MMS commonly known as picture messages, and using a different kind of abbreviations which are common in urban dictionary, etc. One ‘OMG’ (short form of Oh My God!) is enough to portray how surprised you are. You don’t have to worry about punctuations, spellings (thanks to auto-type feature) and similar kind of things. Nobody would judge you for this. Let’s not forget about the messaging and calling apps (such as Whatsapp, Viber etc) currently available on smartphones, they do the same thing and act as an alternative to old-fashioned cell phone functions.

It’s a mini-computer in your palm

Yes, a mini-computer. Not only communication, but the modern smartphones are capable of combining all of the other functionalities like music, movies, TV, news, games, internet surfing, a whole array of documents, emails, social media, etc just in one screen. What else you want. It is one of the best companions to have if you are at an unfamiliar place with zero knowledge.

Your ultimate storage thing

Can you memorize hundreds of contact numbers? Ok! So you can maintain a diary but is it secure enough? Cell phones are smart enough to store them and place them in cloud storage so one can easily access them from everywhere. Not even phone numbers, but emails, photos, videos, favorite pages, etc anything can be stored and it’s always scalable. In today’s world phones are always with us, so we need to have our best things to be with us as well all the time.

Applications for everything

Applications aka Apps are the core part of smartphones and have revolutionized the whole lifestyle. There are, and we can download apps for everything from food, clothes, medical help, music, movies, sports, news to everything with just a tap on the display. To choose the best apps for ourselves, we just need to check the reviews provided by the previous users. It really makes all the things organized and well-managed. One can’t deny the importance of applications in today’s life whether it is on Android or on iOS.
It is indeed a real truth that cell phones have revolutionized our lives and have numerous benefits but one can’t deny the fact that if we become dependent upon it more, then it has some demerits as well due to excessive usage.