Being intimate with a partner can be quite an important aspect of your relationship. This may allow you to show your partner, physically, just what they mean to you, as well as that you find them enticing and attractive. You may find that, over time, your sexual drive decreases. Likewise, you might want to bring a bit more heat into the bedroom, or even attempt some of your previously undiscussed fantasies. Speaking openly with each other can allow you to better understand your wants and insecurities, and even become a stronger couple for it.

A woman may feel self-conscious regarding sexual intercourse if she isn’t happy with the way her body looks. This can include the area surrounding her vagina. For some women, the size and shape of the labia could make her doubt her attractiveness. To rectify this, you may want to look into the cost of labiaplasty reduction surgery together, which could allow her to undergo a procedure to have them made smaller. In addition to this, this surgery can also help to prevent pain or discomfort during sexual activity, which can be caused by overly large labia. The surgery itself can be quite quick and could see her home the same day. She may need help that first day, due to soreness from the surgery itself. Within around 6 weeks you may then be able to resume sexual activity, without the consciousness and potential soreness that might have been apparent before.

If you currently schedule your intimacy based on when you are both free, and around other commitments, this could be dampening your drive. Approximately 90% of women and 75% of men voted in favour of more spontaneous sex. This may mean that some tasks, such as housework, dinner, and even sleep, need to fall by the wayside, however, it can be that much more rewarding for you both. You may also feel more wanted by your partner if they attempt to seduce you at any given moment, rather than at a pre-planned time.

Exploring fantasies and desires can also help to breathe new life into your sexual activity. While some of these may simply involve positions or types of foreplay that you haven’t broached before, others may need a bit more discussion. Many people throughout the world might have sexual kinks that they have not mentioned to their partner before. Having good communication, and genuinely listening to your partner without judgement, could allow you both to bring something new to your physical relationships. For this to work, you may need to be honest about the things you are willing to try, as well as to say no to something that is out of your comfort zone or simply not wanted.

Making sexual intercourse enjoyable for all involved can be about listening to each other’s desires and concerns. Addressing any insecurities, and finding ways to potentially rectify them, can also be quite important when trying to reignite that spark between you both.