When we think about leaving student halls or our student accommodation, we often believe we just need to chuck our belongings into some bin bags and wait for our ride home. However, there’s actually a lot more to it, especially when a lot of waste is generated at the end of a student tenancy.

After-all, do you really want to take home everything you’ve acquired over the student year? Of course not, which is why KwikSweep have created a guide for you on how to deal with waste from your student accommodation, to make your life as easy as possible!

Your Bedroom

For most of you in student accommodation, your bedroom is where you’ll spend 90% of your time. Which is why these rooms accumulate a lot of clutter – as most of your belongings from clothes to study materials are all kept there. So, this is the room that will need your most attention when you’re moving out.

What you should remember, though, is that you don’t need to take everything that you brought home with you. For instance, you will likely have brought cheap towels and bed sheets for your room. After an academic year of use, these might not be their best anymore, so you may wish to donate or recycle them.

The same goes for clothes, if you’ve over worn certain items or you bought them and never liked them – again sort these into a donation or recycling bag. You might even want to sort through your notes and books, getting rid of anything you no longer need.


While your accommodation flat will have come with an inventory of items, it’s likely that you will also have brought some items like plates and pots and pans. Mostly, you will likely want to box these up and take them home for next year. However, if you are moving into a rented flat next year, you may wish to buy larger sets, rather than the odds you brought to halls. So, if there’s anything you’d no longer want, get it into a box to be donated.

It’s also important that you go through the cupboards and fridge to collect all of your foods as you shouldn’t leave these behind. You’ll probably want to throw out anything open or past its sell by date. Anything unopened can be taken home with you or donated to a food bank.


You might be lucky enough to have your own ensuite or you might have a shared bathroom – either way, you’re going to need to collect anything that’s yours when you move out. Again, similar to the kitchen area, you’re probably not going to want to lug that half-used toothpaste or shampoo home (unless you have very expensive taste).

If there is anything you don’t want to use, simply put into a box or bag for rubbish.

Of course, now that you’ve collected all this waste, you’re probably wondering what to do with it. Well, why not chat to your flatmates and consider a professional company. As, here at KwikSweep, we can come in and clear everything for you, which will make the whole process far easier for you.