The growing importance of the internet, from the eyes of students, is not felt any higher than in the time of exams. From searching for all the related and unrelated information during the preparation phase to the last minute revisions and rummaging through formulas to convert CGPA to marks, the Internet is put to endless uses by students every day and still more uses are being discovered. Here are some of the ways you can use the internet to fair well in your exams.

Information Access

First and foremost, the internet gives access to the most eccentric of information. From finding which palace a king used to play golf to what is the decibel level of hearing of dogs, you can find literally anything you want. In this regard, while preparing for your exams, you can find the history, background, etc on the topics you feel are a bit tricky and knotty. Sites like Wikipedia, Britannica Encyclopedia are popular treasure troves of information for disciplines ranging from physical and natural sciences to humanities, social sciences and even museology [yes, that is a field].

Online Learning

Traditional methods of teaching and learning have gone through no less than a revolution with the advent of the internet. Now, there are loads of tutorials on the internet starting from beginner level English stories and introduction into the number system to music lessons and why aliens exist [I believe it]. While the online learning portals like Coursera, KhanAcademy, etc have already established themselves as leaders in this field, Youtube is an endless chasm of learning videos. You can literally learn your bachelor’s or master’s course on the internet and be on par with your college peers. In particular, this comes in handy to learn those few [or many] important lessons in which you missed the class.

Solve as much questions as you can

From school exams to competitive and entrance examinations, there are countless websites on the internet that curate previous years question papers and sample papers based on the official syllabus. Furthermore, books or other prep material often have a limited amount of questions and that too of a specific difficulty level. On the other hand, on the internet, you can find thousands of questions for your intended exam ranging from easy to very hard levels of difficulty. Owing to this you can not only build a strong foundation and score max on the easy sections but also be informed on the advanced level questions.

Finding Solutions

Gone are the days where you need to flip your textbook pages all the way to the back to find solutions to your answers. Now official test-setters provide answers to the stated questions on their websites. In addition to that, there are many forums wherein professionals and professors can answer your specific doubts and queries within minutes. In fact, if you have a doubt, it is possible many others might have had the same doubts, posted on the forums. This way, it is possible, you can have access to your answer in less time than flipping the pages.

Suggestions from the Best

Learning how the toppers did it can lend you vital insights into your own method of preparation, specific time tables to follow, what materials to use and which they preferred. Though this is not be-all-and-end-all of preparation advice, it gives you an idea on finding your own study plan, approach. Further, you can also get access to insights from the renowned professors, teachers who have been teaching in your relevant subject and know what they feel about the exam pattern, which sections must be on priority, etc.

Developing Confidence & Self Belief

One of the most important components of exam preparation, you must always have confidence, self-belief, determination and resolve to crack the exam. All of the above comes after you have firmly decided on taking up the task. Accept the many difficulties and obstacles of preparing for the exam and get yourself all geared up and give your best. You must remember that that extra effort, and it is always that one extra effort, you put in might just make the difference for you, might just tilt the scale in your favour. Prepare, give your best and sail away with flying colors.