Starting a business means a lot of setup charges. Everything ranging from rent, bills to employee salaries needs to considered and paid for. You will also need to purchase inventory, machinery to start running your business. Moreover, businesses don’t just require one-time costs. Many of the costs are repetitive such as shipping charges, electricity bills etc. Business loans can help provide some of the funds required to start and manage the business for a while.

There are many banks, private lenders and financial institutions who can provide a business loan. Many financial bodies provide specialised business loans for startups as well. It is not very difficult to obtain a business loan to start your business.

To obtain a business loan, it is very important to have a clear financial planning a profit projection for your business. Without a proper plan and goal, no lender will approve your loan. The lender needs to be invested in your business’s profitability.

Micro Lenders

Micro Lenders offer small-term and small amount loans for businesses. Micro Lenders offer quick approval loans with minimal documentation. Microlenders also don’t require any form of collateral to avail the loan. You can easily get a small term loan to start your business from online lenders. Learn and read more about business loans to get the right one for you.


Most banks offer a lot of different specialised business loan products. New entrepreneurs can apply for a loan with higher amounts from the bank. However, banks might have a lot of requirements that you will have to satisfy before you avail the loan. You might also need to provide your machinery and equipment as collateral to avail the business loan.

Consider business-oriented credit cards

You can opt for business oriented credit cards to acquire funds to run your business. Business credit cards often have higher credit limits and incentives. You can utilise the credit card for all your business requirements and make payments as owe convenience. Credit cards also have a higher approval rate. Credit cards offer a revolving credit facility, which means that you can withdraw funds, pay them back and withdraw funds again. As opposed to a term loan, credit cards can offer multiple withdrawals and utilisation.

Consider utilizing a Home Equity

If you’re a business owner with a certain amount of Home Equity, you can utilise the amount on the mortgage for your business startup. A home equity is the difference between the home value and the amount left on the mortgage. For example, if your house is valued at $1,00,000 and the amount you owe on the mortgage is $50,000, you have Home equity value of $50,000. Lenders can offer you the equity value as funds for any kind of utilization. This is an ideal way to utilise the funds for your business needs with no added burden.

You can also choose to utilise the equity as a Line of Credit. A line of credit works just like a credit card in the sense that you can withdraw as much as you want under the credit limit.

Opt for a Personal loan if you can’t showcase business profitability

Banks require credibility from your business to provide a business loan approval. For startup businesses, credibility might not be available. It’s possible that your business might take a while to generate profits as well. If you have a good personal credit score, you can choose to apply for a Personal loan. You can very well take a Personal loan for business expenses. With a good credit score, it will be easy to acquire a Personal loan. Personal loans also require less documentation and are hassle-free. The loan amount is also provided within a few days with Personal loans. However, bear in mind that this will mean that only you will be held liable for the repayment too. That means you have to make sure that you repay the loan on time, else it can impact your personal credit score as well.

Try Self-funding and crowd-funding

You should try self-funding for some of the expenses of your business. Self-funding means arranging money for the business by yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your own savings. Self-funding can also mean getting the funds from your family, friends and well-wishers who are able to provide some form of funds.

Crowd-funding is another way that you can use to cover the expenses of your business. Crowd-funding is a means of getting funds from multiple strangers in small amounts. Individuals can offer small amounts in exchange for your business product or some form of perks. Crowdfunding can be easily done through social media, websites etc. Crowd-funding is an excellent way to acquire funds as it affords the least amount of investment. It also ensures that the entire control of the business remains entirely with you. You don’t have to share your profits with the individuals as well.


Even if you only for a business loan, Investors are very important for any business to work. Businesses require heavy funding that might not always be achieved by loans. Consider pitching your business plan to noted investors. Investors can keep your business going and sometimes help you with the business activities as well. Moreover, investors often have a lot of experience and with the help of an investors backing, you could help improve the state of your business as well. Investors generally provide funds in exchange for shares in the business. Make sure that you’re ready to provide them with a small part of your business.

Follow all the above steps and do proper market research to avail a business loan. Starting a business need not be full of troubles and worries. Do proper analysis and apply for the funds.