It is hard to leave your wallet behind when going to the workplace or travelling and that is for a good reason. Unfortunately, most people carry wallets that are more like a hard brick inside their back pockets the whole day. And the worst part is that these wallets might not be functional. Huge wallets come with many side effects on your physical and mental health. They will cause lower back pain and ruin your life. That is why you need to opt for a Kinzd front pocket wallet. The wallet comes with many benefits such as comfort, easier access to documents and better appearance.

Why the back wallet will hurt

A bulky wallet can lead to sciatica if you leave it inside your back pocket throughout the day. One thing that characterizes sciatica is severe pain on the lower back or body, which arises due to compression or irritation that the wallet causes to the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the widest and longest single nerve in your body and starts at the lower back and runs down to the legs and finally to the feet. It connects the nervous system, the skin and the muscles at the back of your thighs.

When standing, the pressure on your sciatic nerve is usually 100 percent, but that increases to around 140 percent or 160 percent. The item you are carrying in your back pocket might increase the pressure to a higher level. In most GP clinics, men complain about severe back pain and they are always searching for ways to stop it. At times, GPs establish that the men have a desk job that requires them to sit for extended periods throughout the day. However, they are unlikely to establish that the bulky wallet you carry in your back pocket throughout the day is the cause.

The condition resulting from placing your bulky wallet in your back pocket for long periods is known as wallet neuropathy. Wallet neuropathy is simply a form of low back pain that results from sitting on overstuffed wallets. The other names for this condition are wallet neuritis, hip-pocket syndrome, fat wallet syndrome, wallet sciatica and credit carditis. The official medical phrase is piriformis syndrome. If you find yourself suffering from leg pain or low back pain, or experiencing a pain manifesting as sharp needles and pins in the two areas, you should go for a Kinzd slim wallet immediately.

More about wallet neuropathy

Wallet neuropathy is not new; it dates back to early 1965. The phrase appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine for the first time in the year 1966, at a time when credit cards were becoming popular. American Library Association Adult Service then described it as Back-pocket sciatica, which resulted from carrying thick back pocket wallets or golf balls inside the hip pocket. The TV episode, Seinfeld, of the 1990s then popularized it further.

Daily Mail advised men to remove the wallet from their pockets more often. Physiotherapists coined the phrase wallet-neuropathy for low back pain resulting from men sitting down on wallets, which they carried in their back pockets most of the day. The wallet presses on the sciatic nerve, therefore, causing the pain. The condition can lead to numbness and pain on the low leg, foot or ankle. For the same reason, you should not sit on golf balls or phone case.

Keeping yourself safe

The best way to get rid of wallet neuropathy is by replacing the bulky hard wallet with a slim front pocket wallet. Front pocket wallets are more comfortable due to their small size and they never get stuffed by unnecessary junk. The slim design and small size allow them to fit in the front pocket properly. Moreover, a front pocket wallet will turn heads due to the elegant appearance and unlike the huge back pocket wallet; it will not wear out your trousers or jeans. Another benefit that front pocket wallets provide is that pickpockets will not reach it easily when it is inside your front pocket.

You now have good reasons for switching to a front pocket wallet. However, before you buy any, ensure that it is of great quality. A front pocket wallet that comes with RFID protection (credit card details protection) will serve you for many years. Ensure that the wallet has a slim profile, is of lightweight and is durable. That way, you will protect yourself against wallet neuropathy.


Even though a slim wallet is not perfect protection against back pain, it is a full step towards the right direction. So, remember that standing for a longer time will stress your back but sitting is worse. If you have to sit throughout the day, stand from time to time to reduce the stress. Exercise regularly, walk or visit your colleagues and friends. They will like your slim front pocket wallet too.
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