Twice a year, at least twice a year we should visit the dentist. Why? Well, prevention is always cheaper than fixing problems. Periodic visits to dentist will allow the doctor to examine our teeth in detail and see if there are any cracks or cavities, if the gums are okay, if there are other signs that should worry us. If we have plumbs or implants, the doctor will check them out and tell us if it is the case to worry or if it is appropriate to intervene on them.

We shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist, in the end he/she is the one to fix them for us, therefore we should see the dentist as a “friend” of our teeth. Those of you who have already gone through dental pain know how unpleasant it feels, sometimes so long and sharp. Some people said teeth pain was the biggest pain in their lives, worse than a broken hand or leg; some women said dental pain was even stronger than that of birth. Well, it doesn’t feel the same with everybody but anyway, it’s at least annoying, up to horrible.

And let’s not forget prevention after we solve the problems with the teeth. It’s so nice to have a big smile, a more beautiful look, but we must take care of them. How? Brushing at home is mandatory, maybe even a professional brushing, again at the dentist, from time to time, with a treatment to help enamel and more. And why not, with a professional dental bleaching. Before this, you must know that not everyone is a good candidate for perfect teeth whitening. Why? Teeth must have the enamel whole and resilient, no cracks and no other work. Dental sensitivity must also considered before dental bleaching.

Very important, dental bleaching should be done only in the dental office, otherwise you can deteriorate the enamel, and this might prove irreversible and your teeth can develop sensitivity that will remain so for all your life. Bleaching is not mandatory at all, it also depends of the natural color of your teeth and if your dentist says you won’t get a perfect whitening then trust him, you better keep your teeth intact.

So, how big is your smile?

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