As the year approaches the end, everyone is getting into the holiday mood. This is a time when people think a lot about having fun, visiting new places and generally celebrating life. Even companies take this time to celebrate with their loyal customers by giving discounted sales and promotions among other offers. Therefore, as a smart buyer, you can take advantage of the festive season to replace an older household item or purchase a product you don’t have but have been contemplating about getting one soon.

You see, when shopping, getting the best deal is awesome. It feels like striking a good deal or winning a jackpot. No one wants to miss out on those best deals only to hear about the mega sale later with friends and family members. It doesn’t sound funny at all especially with a holiday around the corner. You need to save that extra coin so that you can have enough to spend during the festive season.

So, if you are still wondering if this the right time to replace certain household items, get the answer to your question through the information contained in this article. Find out about the products you should consider changing in your home as the year ends and why these are the best months. After all, you will need to change these items at some point and maybe by the time you are forced to change them, it will be difficult to get a good deal.

Out the old, in the new one

Which are some of those household items you should consider replacing as the year comes on an end? Here are some of them and the reasons why you should consider doing so.


While you can still repair your refrigerator instead of replacing it, at times, buying a new one could be cost-effective for many reasons. For instance, if repairing it will cost you more than 50 per cent of buying a new one, then it’s best to replace it. You can also consider replacing your fridge with a new one if it’s small and not enough to serve your home. If your final decision is to replace your refrigerator, then this the time to go for than great deal you saw in a legit online shop or a store near you. Most probably, you won’t find the same deal come early next year or they will be out of stock. You are not the only one who noticed the great sale and so the earlier, the better.


For sure a microwave in every kitchen’s staple. From warming your food to defrosting your frozen items within no time, a microwave is a lifesaver in so many wonderful ways. Although a microwave tends to have a shorter lifespan as compared to other appliances, the good news is that replacing it with a new one is relatively inexpensive. If you top it up with a discounted sale, you are likely to get a decent one at a very affordable price. So, if you have already started to notice certain defaults such as the door not closing fully, taking forever to warm your meals or producing strange noises while it’s cooking, don’t wait until its fully broken. Take advantage of the discounted sales and promotions available in the market right now to get yourself a new microwave. It will serve you much better than that old one you are still clinging on to.

When replacing your microwave, whether its countertop, built-in, over-the-range, drawer or drop-down door, there are three key things you should consider. That is size, ventilation type and its electricity capacity. These are the features which can help you to choose the most appropriate microwave for your needs.

Your mattress

Now that you are thinking about relaxing and having fun during the Christmas holiday, you shouldn’t forget the place you will be resting in after such busy days. Your bed needs to be comforting enough to allow you to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep now and some few years to come. If you have been considering the idea of replacing your mattress but the stretched budgets won’t allow it, this is the time you should give it a thought. It’s pretty easier to get the right mattress for your sleep needs during this festive season when many sellers are willing to give discounts to their customers. You no longer have an excuse to sleep on an old uncomfortable mattress while you can get a better one cheaply.

Living room furniture

Of course, there are pieces of furniture that have survived to centuries and that’s why antique shops exist. However, must yours last that long? Don’t you think replacing your older furniture with new ones could give your living room the spark it has been lacking for some time now? By the way, if the furniture is broken beyond repair, stained, uncomfortable or your taste and style has changed, then it’s time to get new furniture.

If the prices in the market have been the ones stopping you, then, its time you get into the market and start looking for a good fit for your living room. You will definitely get one that suits your tastes at an affordable price.

Washing machine

Washing clothes by hand is not an option these days when everyone is involved in more productive activities. In fact, it’s not part of luxury to own a washing machine, it’s an essential gadget in almost every household. Thus, if your old washing machine is broken and the repair is damn expensive, you need to get a new one. You can also think of replacing your current washer if it is not efficient. Newer models will obviously perform better, save water and electricity. Its Christmas time, why do you want to stress yourself with an old inefficient washer when there are amazing deals out there waiting for buyers like you?


Why do you want to continue watching your favourite shows on that old gadget you have had since college years? As you make merry and entertain guests this festive season, consider replacing your old TV with a new bigger smart TV. It will provide all time available and affordable source of entertainment to your loved ones.

End year mega sale worth your money

Take advantage of end year festivity offers such as Black Friday and Christmas Sale to replace those items you have been wanting to buy but their prices were way beyond your budget limit. You will be surprised how cheap some of these products can be during the festive season. Here’s a suggestion if you allow me: Martin Dawes is an excellent place to shop for some of the products mentioned above.

In the end the idea is simple: you don’t have to cling on that old dishwasher you have been having for years while you can now afford a new model with improved performance. Besides, those new items will make your home look fantastic and feel like home. It’s super satisfying to know your home is on check. Happy holidays!