Weddings are beautiful. They symbolize love, family, and purity. This occasion, however, just like every other event, is a chance for every woman to wear her best dress. But the task is more critically and emotionally important for the Bridesmaid. Being a bridesmaid totally means you’ll be most of the time next to the bride.

That calls for a perfect look and dress because who will have more or fewer thousands of pictures taken of her in the wedding? Obviously the Bridesmaid, right? After all, it’s not every day you get to become a bridesmaid. And therefore, it is utmost necessary to note what colors are in favor of bridesmaid dresses this year. So, let’s check out below the list of the hottest color trends for bridesmaid dresses:

1. The Colors of Harmony

Harmony, the word itself brings the essence of calmness along with it. Colors like Teaberry, Mauve, Olive, Celadon etc, are known to symbolize serenity. These soft colors will instantly add wonders to the occasion. They not only feel soft but also bring warmth to the environment. Since the bridesmaid accompanies the bride almost all the time during the ritual, being upfront with soft and harmonious colors like these will definitely be a plus point. Not only will the ritual seem more authentic but also very pious.

Don’t undermine the impact of colors, they can create magic. Also, if the wedding is indoors or darker in theme, these colors will automatically go well as they will complement the theme. So it is our first choice for the bridesmaid to go with the above soft touch colors. Soft colorsin bridesmaid dressesnot only increase the possibility of looking beautiful but they also help become a warm welcome to everyone that sees them.

2. Peachy Joy

The peachy colors resemble the joyous weather of spring. Shades of pink, coral, teal marigold, all these warm colors come under the peachy theme. Bridesmaids bring with them the sense of belongingness for the bride. Warm and joyous colors will eventually add grace to the occasion. These peachy colors will also go well with outdoorthemed weddings, as what colorsother than these will go best with a garden full of greenery and flowers? Undoubtedly, peachy colors! They also go well with floral backgrounds and have a soothing effect.

Also, a lot of hairdos and combinations of accessories and makeup can be made when the color of the dress is vibrant and floral. These colors also, in addition, give a fresh and chic-like look in the blush bridesmaid dresses. And be it indoors or outdoors, these colors are just perfectly matched for any setting.A wedding has to be filled with joy, not just by the décor, the feelings, and the food but also by the beauty and grace of the bridesmaid. So go all peachy to turn some heads around!

3. Sweet Honey

Doesn’t the name itself bring water to your mouth? These colors not only look soothing but also remind the sweetness of honey. Colors that are included in this category are carrot orange, indigo, and carnation (baby pinkish). Shades of yellow have always been underused but they definitely rise up the look of any event. Not only does this color bring brightness to the environment, but it also has a positive impact in totality.

Be it indoor or outdoor, if the event décor is feeling dull, the ever-ready remedy to light up the environment are shades of yellow, carrot orange, carnation pink, and indigo blue. They simply light up the entire environment. Same goes for the bridesmaids. If the look demanded by the bride, the event or even you yourself want to stand out and look blissfully beautiful, go with these shades and you’ll not be disappointed. In fact, you might be the one that will steal all the attention, because it is hard to look over anything that’s brighter than the rest, isn’t it?

4. Grounded Organic

Sometimes going bling and chic-like doesn’t work for occasions. Weddings are not only meant to have fun but they also have an aesthetic and pious feel to it. And it is for these times, the organic and grounded colors just bring the eccentricity you have been looking for. Colors like champagne, sage, matte grey and slate add beauty to the occasion. You can not only pull it off subtlety but also bring out elegance.

Being a bridesmaid isn’t an easy job, it requires grace. For grace, one mustn’t only think of the way they communicate, stand or perform atthe wedding, but the choice of color of the dress is also an important decision. These colors are not just any safe colors but they also add a touch of class and sophistication, which is essentially vital for a bridesmaid.

It is, therefore, a good choice forblush bridesmaid dresses as it will set an aesthetically beautiful mood for everyone that lay eyes on them. These set of colors are promising and will not let you down on your best friend’s most important day.

5. Vintage Suave

Some weddings make us nostalgic. Weddings connect two families. Bring with them a lot of memories and feelings of belongingness. Wearing suave colors like navy blue, winter white, and copper brown can enhance these feelings. These colors instantly complement our feelings. They soothe the eyes; even in events outdoors they simply make everything seem background. They also act complementarily to the bride’s gown.

If the theme is retro, you definitely have to choose these colors as they are like born for this task. These colors are popularly being chosen due to the simplicity and a vintage touch. They also tend to be fun and preppy. They are a beautiful combination of soft and hot mix. They lift up the party mood and also have an unconventional beauty attached to them. Being a bridesmaid you can’t stop being serious and fun at the same time, so why not choose a dress whose color implies both? For all those ladies that want a surreal mix of sweet and sour, this is your color palette.


A wedding with it brings responsibility and joy. As a bridesmaid,giving your best to look graceful has to be your first responsibility. So don’t let your best friend down and go with any color above and make the wedding even merrier. Choose from the above choices of color for bridesmaid dresses this year.