When you purchase your new property either for personal or commercial purposes, the first thing that you need to look into, with every elaborate detail, is your property’s safety measures and features and you should also ponder on how you can enhance these with new property improvements and hacks. You need to bring effective changes that can cope with any of the natural disasters that occur and cause unfortunate results. You can also enhance your entire fire alarm system in which you can actually devise your own customized survival plan for emergencies. Following are a few measures for your checklist that you can take to secure your property efficiently and effectively against all accidents, mishaps or disasters.

Keep your Major Appliances on the Direct Outlet

One thing that you have to be careful about while moving to your new place is that your outlets are properly working and can take the load of your home appliances. Only plug your devices and appliances after a proper electrical checkup of your outlets. If you feel the power in your appliances is dodgy or you often hear a light spark then you must unplug it and get your outlet checked again by professional electricians or try some other source of power for it. Remember! An extension for your major appliances is a very bad idea.

Double Check Your Smoke Detectors

According to a research by National Fire Protection Association, more than half the cases that get reported have faulty smoke detectors against the fire and thus fail to warn the residents or workers. So, make sure your smoke and carbon detectors are well in order. It is also advisable to have them serviced, twice a year. After all, it is better to prevent then repent.

Keep your Escape Plan Ready for Emergencies

Emergencies don’t knock on the door before coming and if you are unaware of your whereabouts then the impact of an emergency, natural or accidental will be more than the actual one. So, you must try and get all the hinges and handles of doors and windows properly fixed so they don’t give in, in an emergency and it doesn’t harm to have a well routed escape plan in case of emergencies. You should even try it with mock sessions with your entire family so everyone knows what to do should such a situation arise. How to escape without panicking? Where to reunite? Where and who to call? Not only that, you should also practice on how to stay calm and not panic?

Keep your Emergency Kit Ready at a Go

While we are focusing on how to keep your new property secured and safe, another thing on your checklist should be an emergency kit. Once made, it should be placed where it could be easily accessed. It should have some torches, rope, few food cans, water to drink, few OTC medicines, first aid box, and all such things that you could need in an emergency situation. The purpose of this kit is to help you survive even in the hardest of the emergencies and situations.