Have you looked around your home and realize how plain and boring it has become? While not necessary, a pleasant-looking cozy house can definitely make anyone feel more relaxed and welcomed in their own home—which is the definition of home itself!

If you have been dying to give your space a major makeover but just don’t know where to start, take it one step at a time and learn a thing or two from these easy surefire tips:

Less Is More – Declutter!

You’ll be surprised how awesome it feels to finally get rid of the things that are always in your sight but don’t actually need! Decluttering is a good first step when trying to revamp your space.

Go to every part of your house, and clear out all the stuff that has just been making a mess in your home. You can filter them in different boxes based on what you will be doing with them: whether to keep, to throw, to donate, or to sell. This is an easy and practical way to get rid of your stuff!

Operation: Spic and Span

Get out your scrubbing brush and start cleaning every nook and cranny of your house from the inside out. Unless you want to hire professional window cleaners, you can do the scrubbing and wiping yourself. Your windows can get real dirty – so brace yourself!

1. The small stuff matter

While you’re at it cleaning the top parts of your home, look around for any broken parts or pieces that need replacing. For instance, you can check your curtains and curtain rods if they have been rusting and get rid of them. To give your windows an enhanced look, you can install new curtain rod finials that look sleek and sophisticated–just trust your style!

You can also check out for any broken door knobs and replace them with ones that no lock picking tools can unlock. Make sure that they are installed well, or you can just ask a professional to do it for you. Better safe than sorry!

2. Repainting works wonders

Consider adding a fresh coat of paint on your walls to give your home a cleaner, sleeker look. White paint gives off a more minimalist, cleaner vibe while pastel colors just makes your home more stylish and homey.

3. Invest in new linens and cushions

If you don’t want to get rid of your old furniture yet, you can spruce them up by changing your cushions and covers to newer plusher ones. Just putting new bed linens on all the beds in your home can make your bedrooms feel and look new.

Another tip: Conceal ugly tiles and floorboards by changing your decades-old carpet to a newer one. Faux fur rugs give off a modern aesthetic but plain-colored carpets will do the job just as well.

These are just some fail-proof tips to instantly give your home an oomph without sacrificing comfort and security. Since every space is different, just remember to find out what you personally need your home to be and start from there.