Your garage is no less important than any room in your house. Depending on your household needs, the space can be used as storage, workshop, or game room, aside from providing shelter to your cars. In most garages, you can find valuable items such as power tools, lawn care equipment, and fishing and camping gears. Some homes even use their garage for storing paint, cans, lubricants, and oils.

Being one of the busiest and most functional spaces in your property, it’s important that you create a safe garage environment. In a single day, homeowners enter their garage several times, whether to take the cars out or get some storage items. Small kids playing around the house can also end up in the garage and reach things on the shelves. To put your family out of harm’s way, you should pay extra attention in the way you put up your garage. Here are essential home garage safety tips you should remember.

Organize your tools

Sharp home cleaning and repair tools lying around your garage floor can easily cut anyone that steps on them. To prevent accidents and make sure your shovels, rakes, and pruners are kept in good condition, avoid stashing them in the corner and put them safely away. Do the same with your power tools; disconnect them from their power supply, and store in cabinets.

Secure hazardous materials

After doing safety labeling of your cleaning products, car maintenance fluids, gasoline, and paint, lock them up in garage cabinets. A safe spot would be up high and out of children’s reach. Keep tabs on liquid or fume leaks that can pose health risks such as burns and respiratory problems.

Improve garage lighting

Upgrading lighting fixtures in your garage will improve the space’s functionality and make it safer. Relying on natural light or flickering light bulbs will limit your garage use and will make it extra-difficult to look for items during the night. For an energy-efficient lighting system, opt to use modern LED lights for your garage.

Take fire safety measures

Aside from installing a smoke detector or fire alarm in your garage, keeping a standard fire extinguisher around is a wise and practical decision. During the hot season, fire accidents can happen. Investing in these fire-safety equipment will allow you to respond quickly to sudden fire breakouts, minimizing property damage.

Keep your garage space clean and clutter-free

If you bring your DIY projects in the garage, the space would probably experience some messy days. Now, it’s crucial that you clean up your work area because dirt and debris left behind is also a potential cause of accidents and damage to your furniture or devices. Have a readily available garbage bin in your garage, so all the trash and junks go in one place and easy to throw out.

Repair a failing garage door

The condition of your garage door plays a huge role in ensuring safety in your home garage. Without a sturdy and functional door, your property can be a potential target of burglary and robbery. Whether you are noticing a broken spring, opener, or cable, make sure to call the attention of a licensed and skilled garage door contractor right away.

How to find a reliable garage door service?

Asking for valid referrals from friends and colleagues will make it easier for you to find a reliable garage door company. If not, you can go for an internet search and read client reviews and feedback of companies near your area. Take these tips when looking for Surrey garage door repair, and you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time.