Whether or not you are part of the Instagram culture, creating gorgeous backdrops within your living space adds to your home’s aesthetic.

Creating “Instagram-worthy” spaces takes a bit of knowledge and a splash of creativity. Most of these ideas can be implemented easily and with a bit of DIY love.

Of course, if you are on Instagram, these five home design ideas will help you create mini-sets for your backdrops. Here are five ideas to give your space an eye-catching and photo-worthy uplift.

1. Rearrange Furniture

This first tip is free!

The single greatest piece of information you need to create beautiful backdrops is to know where your light is coming from. Ideally, you want any backdrop, feature wall or set pieces to be directly opposite a window.

That means that when the window is open, the ambient light coming through the window will light up the background without much shadow – a key feature to getting the most color and even tone in Instagram photos.

For example, place a bed, reading chair or desk across from a window, instead of in front of it. Then you can use the natural light to capture whichever features of that setup you’d like. This also works well for filming videos, where you place yourself between the natural light source (window) and the backdrop (bed, wall etc).

2. Hanging Rack

Many people have closets, so there may not be a particular need for a hanging rack, per se, but they are excellent design pieces. One of the many ways people use a hanging rack as a design piece is to hang articles of clothing within a certain color scheme, such as neutrals, pastels or seasonal color palettes.

Another way to utilize a hanging rack is to hang potted plants or air plants, which can add greenery to the background of a photo or video, up off the ground, without needing to hang hooks into a wall.

Additionally, a hanging rack can be used to suspend candles or drape fairy lights as a backdrop. Really, hanging racks are a very versatile piece of background equipment, which can add a lot of color, nature or light to the space.

3. Vertical Herb Garden

Going off of the greenery theme, another way to add an amazing piece of home décor which is not only great for photos and videos but is also useful to everyday life is to create a vertical herb garden. Many people opt to create this either in their kitchen, on a patio or in a yard.

The goal of the herb garden is to get as much greenery as possible as close together as possible, so any photos taken in front of it look very fresh. Simply buying a metal grid frame and then hanging potted herbs is a great start.

Great herbs for this include: basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano, sage, chives, cilantro, sweet bay and parsley. For those without a green thumb, doing the same with fake plastic plants will give the same effect, although will obviously not help with cooking.

4. Lots of Lights

Of course, lighting is key. In addition to natural lighting, there are many ways to add lighting into a space in order to create bright spots with a highlight color and add depth to a photo or video. Among the more common ways to add lights are hanging fairy lights, lighting candles or simply using well-placed lamps.

However, there is another very cool way to add color and style to any space – neon signs. To find your perfect neon sign, carefully consider the room you’d like it in, the color, the font style and the shape of the sign.

For example, some people use motivational quotes, clever pictures (food in the kitchen, flames in a fireplace, etc.) or hashtags. Neon signs are particularly stunning and unique so expect to get a lot of compliments on them – both in your online content and when people come to visit.

5. Wall Decor

When designing a space, considering the walls is often something many people forget. Yet, wall space can be an amazing way to build mini-sets by just adding a few pieces here or there.

For example, hanging framed photos or art prints can add interesting detail. Or, for a more minimal aesthetic, just hang empty frames, some of which have been spray painted in bold or metallic colors. It gives the wall an interesting aspect, without adding too much color or clutter.

Other wall décor ideas are to buy a wall decal online. There are limitless options, ranging from subtle geometrics to colorful plants to world maps and so on. Another option is to use a projector to display a short-time visual when you’re not using it to watch TV or a movie.
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