One of the best ways to have a nice and stylish home decor, ambience and quality atmosphere in homes is through setting up a variety of items like lamps, furniture, cottons and many other home decor products. These items and products are produced and provided as a product of modern and newly found research works on home decor and its design.

Recently, there comes a popular natural product that is very suitable and appropriate for home decor through its lighting and air conditioning abilities. The natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is gaining and making so much waves on the internet now and it is because of the manifold benefits it offers our home and individuals alike.

The Himalayan lamp is a home decorative light that adds so much unique and outstanding lighting and glamour to any home. It produces a natural refreshing smell and air that filters through any home space. The lamp is great for any place in the home because of its pinkish colour that provides an inviting influence at all times of the day. The lamp is usually placed in between a mined salt. The salt is gotten from the mineral-rich and pink salt mined from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan. The salt is bought for two distinct purposes and these are for decorative purposes and health purpose.

The Himalayan Salt works as a natural ionizer to change and introduce a new ion into the atmosphere and circulating air. The heating lamp placed between the salt helps heat the salt to produce the ions that is released into the space. From these ions that are believed to come from the Himalayan Salt, people believe some set of unproven health benefits that can be enjoyed from the pink salt lamp. In this article, I will state these unproven health benefit that are associated with the use of Himalayan salt lamp in homes while projecting the proven decorative benefits of the natural product.

1. Air Cleansing and Deodorizing

The air is a very important part of human life and a clean air and atmosphere promotes healthy living in our homes. The pink Himalayan salt lamp offers a great benefit by giving out and releasing natural air that is refreshing and contains active deodorant. The deodorant conditions the air in the home to smell nice even as the pinkish lighting adds to the glamour. The Himalayan Salt releases ions that carry natural fragrance into the surrounding air while it also absorbs the surrounding air from space in a conventional circulating manner.

2. Reduces Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

Placing a lamp or two of pink Himalayan Salt in your room is exactly what you need to have a great sleep devoid of any kind or form of allergies and Asthma symptoms. The Himalayan lamp has the ability to remove particles of dust, mildew and mould from the atmosphere. Due to the fact that these particles are the reason for various forms of allergies and asthmatic reactions, the ability of the salt lamp to remove them will effectively curb and solve any allergic issues.

3. Helps Ease Cough

The molecular movement of ions into the atmosphere is believed to carry many valuable health effects for people suffering from coughs. A pink Himalayan salt lamp releases ions that are capable of moving through the air space. Many homes are filed with positively charged ions that are majorly generated from our various electronics. These positively charged ions are not good enough for human health and their unrestricted movement into the human nostrils and even to the lungs is having a negative effect on breathing. Cough is made worse in such a place as described but with a Himalayan salt lamp, you can be sure all the positively charged ions will be absorbed and replaced with a negatively charged ions from the salt to produce an easing effect to cough.

4. Neutralizes Radiation

The surroundings and atmosphere humans live and stay are well contaminated with a good number of radiation produced by electronic devices, phones, tablets, iPods and television sets. These electromagnetic radiation are always readily available in our homes and abode to cause stress, fatigue and many other similar condition. The Himalayan Salt Lamp however acts to neutralise it by releasing contradicting ions that constantly takes over the atmosphere through continuous movements into the air. The radiation is thus neutralised.

5. Improves Sleep

The negative effects of the positively charged ions are in various forms and kinds with all having a detrimental evidence on the quality of sleep people get daily, severe and very serious coughs, allergies and varying degrees of fatigue, restlessness and insomnia. These are caused by the electromagnetic radiation and positively charged ions fully available in the air we breathe. The pink Himalayan salt lamp is a very potent remedy to all these as it can send away positive charges and neutralize radiation to present an inviting air space for an improved sleep and rest.

6. Eco-friendly Light Source

The salt lamp is a source of beautiful and attractive home lighting that is safe, secured and environment-friendly. The extraction of the salt from a salt mining site in Pakistan which is projected to have a deposit of about 80 to 600 million ton that will take up to about 350 years to exhaust. The lighting is great and you should share in the many benefits without self condemnation in respect to its source.

7. Reduces Static Electricity

The presence of static charges in the air causes and provides for static electricity. Static Electricity causes much embarrassment as it can make you go to work with a sock well stuck to your shirt without ever noticing it. It can also make it impossible to clean up some crumbs off the counter in the kitchen. The presence of Pink Himalayan salt lamp in your home means you never need to worry about getting tricked on by static charges and electricity.

8. Improved Energy Levels

Humans always crave for bodily comfort and this makes us love going out to spend time at the beach and camping on the mountains. Taking a cold bath in a sunny day of the summer season is also very pleasing and comforting to our bodies. We always get reinvigorated with all of the listed activities and little did we know that our bodies have gathered more energy that produces the refreshed feelings. Such is the feeling that a pink Himalayan salt will offer anyone in a home where it is present. You get air from natural source that gives unrivalled comfort and increased energy.

9. Lifts Mood and Concentration

The Himalayan pink salt is also very beneficial with respect to helping the body to relax and be in great mood. The nice effects of the ions it releases from the lamp is vital to relaxation, improved blood oxygen saturation flow and supply to the brain as well as other part of the body. The salt also boosts and causes release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes humans happy and excited. Seasonal affective disorders are also eased off with the glowing effects of Himalayan pink salt. The warmth provided by the lamp is sufficient to help individuals get relief from such disorders.

10. Improves Blood Flow and Supply

Based on the benefits that the Himalayan pink salt adds to human breathing through provision of clean, natural and quality air, removal of dust, mould and mildew, pollen, cigarette smoke, contaminants and detrimental radiation and charges. Breathing is directly responsible for pumping of blood, its supply and flow through to all organs of the body. By increasing quality breathing, the Himalayan pink salt has improved blood flow and circulation.

Top Best Himalayan Pink Salts

In respect to the wild and unabated rise and increase in the acceptance of the Himalayan pink salt by individuals seeking for decorative and health benefits and importance, various stores online and offline has started selling to buyers that keeps increasing in number.

If you have decided to be part of the trend to buy a Himalayan pink salt lamp, then you need to be aware of the perfect brand for you. Last year, an Amazon seller selling a particular brand of the pink Himalayan salt got so many recalls based on facts that the salt sold out can cause hazard and shock. This means that you can not just buy any Himalayan salt from any store.

The best Himalayan salt lamps include Levoit Range of Himalayan Salt Lamp, Crystal Decor Dismantle Himalayan Salt Lamp and Fab Glass and Mirror. These 3 brands have been around for a while and sell the quality Himalayan salt. Their products stood the test of time with many positive reviews from different individuals located in various regions of the globe. The salt lamp provided by these brands are packed into different containers and sizes. This means that the price is quite different as well as the shipping and delivery plans.