Due to a broad range of symptoms, it can be hard to pinpoint hormonal imbalances in women. Weight gain, anxiety, infertility, acne, and fatigue are some signs that your hormones are getting whacked.

You may not feel at your best as a result of these imbalances. What can help are herbal supplements provided by reputed brands like Health Concerns herbs. They can recalibrate your hormonal levels without any external medication. Let’s find out how.

Astragalus Root for Strong Immunity

Traditional Chinese medicines use Astragalus root for stimulating the release of hormones that boost internal processes. Also called yellow energy due to its color, this herb supports the immune system of your body and works as an adaptogen. It can fight aging issues and help deal with stress. It is a warm herb that you can find in high-quality supplements.

Angelica Root for Pain Relief

You can buy herbal supplements containing angelica root if you need a natural remedy to deal with the pain caused by menopause and PMS. It can nourish and regulate the blood flow in your body. Angelica root is rich in phytoestrogen that helps build blood cells and regulate cycles in women to control hormonal imbalances.

Chinese Wild Yam

As an ancient herbal remedy, Chinese wild yam supports hormonal balance in women. It is rich in diosgenin that triggers the production of hormones like steroids, progesterone, and estrogen. In Chinese medicine, it is also used for strengthening the kidneys and the digestive system.

Ginger Rhizome for Balancing Hormones

Ginger or ginger rhizome is an excellent herb that boasts potent anti-inflammatory properties which can treat nausea. Also, ginger rhizome produces hormones like prostaglandins that can help soothe symptoms like mood swings, PMS cramps, and headaches.

Black Cohosh for Menopause

With herbs like Black Cohosh, you can control menopause symptoms like moodiness, excessive sweating, and hot flashes. It is an excellent herb for managing and balancing female hormones. Black Cohosh works as a phytoestrogen that can control estrogen levels and boost women’s health.

Goji Berries for Nourishing Blood

Your body needs antioxidants to fight toxic invasions and boost immunity. Goji berries can trigger these functions and help regulate hormones in women. It can work wonders to build liver blood and improve your overall hormonal balance.

White Peony Root for Natural Pain Relief

Herbal supplements enriched with white peony root can control hormonal imbalance to offer natural pain relief. It is a potent herb that relieves pain related to the menstrual cycle, headaches, and cramps. Also, it helps to cure problems like brittle nails and dull complexion occurring due to blood deficiency.

Dandelion Root for Detoxification

The plant estrogens in the dandelion root can help in detoxifying the body and remove excess hormones. It prevents constipation and flushes out unwanted hormones from the body. The vitamin K component of dandelion roots helps control menstrual bleeding and cures urinary tract infections in women.

Longan fruit, red date, lotus seeds, and black sesame seeds are other powerful herbs that deal with hormonal imbalances in women.

However, take advice from your hormone doctor before using these herbs. Some of them aren’t recommended for pregnant women. Use supplements that use science-backed formulations and organic herbs for your complete well-being. It is also advisable to opt for reputed brands like Health Concerns herbs.