Did you know that giving makes you happier, improves your mental and physical health, and helps you create strong social bonds? One best way you can give is by helping out seniors. They could be within or outside your locality. What matters is that you reach out and help them in whatever way.

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan recognized the need to help and appreciate the seniors by creating the National Senior Citizens Day and declaring a national observance. On this day, the country acknowledges all the problems faced by the elderly. People are encouraged to help the senior citizens in their community however they can.

If you want to assist seniors and don’t know where to start, contact well-trained caregivers to take care of them. Ask them how you can help, and they will direct you. Alternatively, the following ways will guide you on how you can help out a senior in your life.

1. Do Their Household Chores

With age, our bodies become weak. As a result, some chores you used to do effortlessly while younger become a challenge. Older adults may not be able to keep up with house chores. If such persons cannot afford to employ housekeepers, their houses may be a mess and become a threat to their health.

If you want to help out a senior, simple things like offering to do their household chores could mean a lot to them. Do a comprehensive cleaning and other tasks you know the elderly cannot do easily around the house. Some examples include:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Cleaning hard to access areas
  • Gardening
  • Garbage collection
  • Washing their dirty laundry, household items, and the entire house
  • Painting the walls
  • Shopping

Such deeds make the senior citizen feel wanted. In return, it also boosts their confidence and health.

2. Spend Time with Them

Most seniors feel lonely because they stay at home and have less active social lives. Children move out or are busy working, leaving the older adult alone most times. There are uncomplicated ways you can spend time with the elderly. Spending time with such a person can mean the world to them.

For example, you can visit them at home to make or get lunch together. Buy all the essentials required, so you don’t add an extra burden, and surprise them by coming with the ingredients. Cooking, or even just assembling sandwiches, is a great way to spend time with seniors. If they are not too weak to carry out some tasks, have them join in the fun by asking them to do some simple tasks as you cook; for example, pass you a knife, or fill a pot with water.

Working with your hands gives you an excellent opportunity to talk and engage with the senior. You can ask them about their childhood, good memories, achievements, and failures. The information may help you make better life decisions. Asking such questions also raises their self-esteem and makes them feel special.

3. Appreciate the Seniors

One best way of appreciating someone is by saying “thank you.” The same case applies to the elderly. Investigate the senior you want to assist as your first step. Know their contributions to the community or the country. The positive impact could have been in your life. Maybe they helped you out or even just showed you love. For example, they may have given you sponsorship or offered you your first job or a place to stay.

On identifying how they have impacted you, the community, or the country at large, reach out to them and let them know you recognize their contributions and are grateful. Mention what you appreciate from them. The elderly will feel special and wanted. The elderly will understand that their good deeds don’t go unnoticed, and people recognize them.

Also, don’t request the senior to come to where you are. Please make an effort and go to where they are, such as their homes, offices, or home-care facilities. They will find it respectful and feel honored for you to come all that way to say thank you.

Others like the ex-soldiers risked their lives for the safety of all their citizens. Sometimes they don’t feel appreciated despite how badly they risked their lives. Reach out to them and express on their face how honored you feel for them to take that risk for you, and the rest of the citizens will make a significant impact in their lives. They will know what people think about them and their contributions. As a result, they will continue living a fulfilled life.

4. Involve Them in Decision Making

Things change as time goes by. Some ideologies get overtaken by events. Most elders tend to hold on to the old way of thinking and doing things. As a result, most people regard them as outdated or irrelevant, especially in their decision-making.

You can make the elderly feel relevant, wanted, and meaningful by including them on various platforms and asking their opinions. Invite them in meetings regarding making simple and weighty decisions about your community or company. As a result, the seniors feel unappreciated and disrespected.

Listen to their story and appreciate what they have to say. Learn through the experiences of the seniors and let them know that their presence and contributions mean a lot to you or the community. You can also involve them in various causes, such as joining a club that does activities they love. Through such a cause, the seniors can do much more for the community as needed if they’re included.

Including the seniors in critical matters makes them feel wanted, valuable, and part of you. It also motivates them to give as much knowledge as possible to better their community and country. You prompt their activeness in building a better place for everyone.

5. Make Donations

The elderly have many needs. When people grow old, they require special diets and medical attention. Sometimes these things can be difficult for them to achieve. You can help such persons by donating what they need. For example, you could donate a car to an elderly who has no car or it’s ill-functioning. You will make it easier for that person to commute between home and clinics, shops, or other places.

You could also buy things for them. Your purchases could include food, household items, clothes, shoes, wheelchairs, and other things the person may require. Research indicates that giving benefits both the giver and the recipient. It’s a do-good, feel-good situation, and you’re both bound to reap from it.

Some seniors may be too old to stay at home. Their families could have placed them in senior living communities to take good care of them. Visit them in those care facilities and appreciate, socialize, and give them what they require. If you live within or near New Jersey, you could visit the elderly living in an assisted living community.

Do something extraordinary in your life by helping out the elderly. As illustrated above, giving the seniors benefits the giver and the receiver. Also, appreciating, helping, and making an older adult feel valuable and appreciated is one of the best satisfying things one can do. Are there seniors in your area? What have you done for them?