We’re all looking to save a little extra cash. We might have a staycation here in Australia instead of jetting off overseas, we might buy supermarket brands rather than the branded alternative and we might drink at home rather than out at local bars and clubs.

All of these things are simple yet effective ways to cut back on spending. However, there are some things that we simply cannot scrimp on. Your rent, your utilities, your car and of course your car insurance.

What’s frustrating is that it’s these necessities that usually cost the most. Thankfully, if you’re worried about paying your latest car insurance premiums then fear not! Qantas comprehensive car insurance is a perfect choice for Australian drivers who are looking for full coverage at competitive rates. You can also check out these handy tips below which can help you lower your car insurance premiums even further.

Pay it in one lump sum

It’s not possible for everyone in this current financial climate, but if you can afford to pay off your yearly coverage in one lump sum then it’s something you should consider. Most insurance providers offer a considerable discount to those who pay it all off in one go. Whereas paying a monthly fee means you’ll end up paying a lot more!

Defensive driving will go a long way

Have you heard of defensive driving? It’s a form of training that teaches the driver how to anticipate potential collisions on the road, as well as how to notice hazards and the mistakes of other drivers. This particular skill takes your driving knowledge and skills way beyond that of the average road user, which classifies you as a much safer driver. This means your insurance provider may offer you a discount on your insurance premiums, saving you more money.

Boost your vehicle’s security

If your car is easy to steal, then your insurance premiums are going to be high. However, if you put measures in place to enhance the security of your vehicle then your premiums will reflect this. Keep your prices lower by parking it in a garage where possible, purchasing a steering wheel lock, having an immobilizer fitted even using a car tracker to keep tabs on your vehicle at all times.

Consider black box technology

It’s easy to pigeonhole little black boxes for teen drivers or those who have just passed their test, however black box technology can be used by any driver of any age as a way to keep their insurance premiums down. These little black boxes will record how well you drive, and that information is then relayed back to your insurance provider who will offer you a discount if you’re recognised as a safe driver.

And finally, say no to modifications

Maybe you want to increase the engine power, make changes to the suspension or alter the wheels, however, if you want to modify your car it’s worth bearing in mind that it could cost you on your insurance. High-performance vehicles are much more costly to insure and a highly modified vehicle is certainly more appealing to a car thief. Keep your insurance premiums down and say no to car modifications.