They say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder“. But let’s be honest, being away from your loved ones is the worst.

So, how can you temper those feelings of missing your bestie or sweetie? Surprise them with ultra-thoughtful, long-distance gifts!

The perfect gift can turn a long-distance relationship into a heart-warming or intriguing one. Here are 5 unique ideas to get you started.

1. A Fancy Tote

Let’s be clear, a high-quality, stylish, and classy bag is always a good gift idea. Especially if you know your loved one’s personal tastes.

This gift is versatile too. Whether you’re sending it to your boyfriend or grandmother, a good tote bag is always useful and appropriate.

Opt for the ultra-classic yacht tote, the more masculine cross-body, or browse this homepage for even more fancy tote options. A good bag is always in fashion.

2. A Personal Yearbook

You’re not together to experience things, so why not document them for each other? Little is more romantic or sentimental than a thoughtfully compiled photo book sent to someone you care about.

Especially, if you take the time to include descriptions of the events and things pictured that your sweetie may be wishing they could have seen first-hand.

This gift goes both ways too!

You can send an empty photo album with instructions to have your loved one fill the book with pictures. That way, when the two of you are reunited, you can look through them together and the time apart from each other.

3. A Hugger Pillow

Send them something to hug until they can hug you! A hugger pillow is a fun and humorous idea to send a friend or significant other to keep them company until you see each other again.

Just tell them to give the pillow a good squeeze any time they’re missing you.

4. A Personalized Care Package

In today’s modern age of text messages and emails, the charm of receiving a personal letter and package in the mail is under-appreciated.

Still, little is more exhilarating than opening a personalized care package full of treats, items, and notes meant just for you.

Fill the package with anything you know your friend or sweetie would love. You can fill it with just about anything like:

  • Photos
  • Their favorite candy or treat
  • Foods or snacks they love but are unable to access abroad
  • Sentimental items/mementos
  • Brownie or cake mixes
  • Holiday decor
  • Confetti
  • School supplies

The list is endless.

5. A Dual Time-Zone Watch

This has to be one of the coolest and potentially most uniquely romantic gifts you can send. It’s a watch that displays two time-zones.

Set the watch to show your own time and theirs. That way, whenever they check the time, they won’t be able to help thinking of you and what you’re up to in your own little time-zone.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Choosing the Right Long Distance Gifts

You could spend days brainstorming creative or romantic long-distance gifts for those you love, but when it comes down to it, the best gifts always come from the heart.

Take time to consider what your loved one really values and what will bring a smile to their face and help them feel your love – even from afar. Choosing a gift based on that criteria will never lead you astray.