Late at night, when the cravings hit, it’s so easy to run into the kitchen and grab something not so good for you. Midnight just isn’t the time to stop and put together a salad.

What you need is something easy to grab that will satisfy your need for something sweet and make you feel good about your middle-of-the-night decisions.

Look no further!

We’ve got some scrumptious suggestions just for you.

These seven healthy snacks combine ease with a stunning lack of regret. They’re exactly what you need when those late-night urges come knocking so you can slam the door back in their face.

1. Fruit

We’ll start out on a tried-and-true option at number one.

Fruit is the simplest solution for a sweet tooth and probably the healthiest too!

Because it’s naturally sweet, you don’t have to worry about adding anything to make it taste better. And it’s so easy to grab because you don’t have to prepare it at all.

I think you can spare a few seconds to peel a banana if you must.

Fruit is chock-full of antioxidants and vitamins you need to stay healthy. Your immune system will actually benefit from your sweet tooth!

So go ahead and grab a handful of berries, make a fruit salad, or dip a few strawberries in a dark chocolate dip to sweeten them up even more!

2. Dark Chocolate

If you absolutely must have some chocolate, here’s some good news:

A little bit of chocolate can actually be good for you.

Dark chocolate is much closer to the natural state of cocoa. It has far less sugar than other kinds of chocolate, and it contains antioxidants and minerals to boost your health.

There is even some evidence that dark chocolate helps to lower your risk of heart disease!

Don’t go crazy and run through an entire bag of dark chocolate. But a little bit when your sweet tooth starts calling is definitely better for you than any other candy you might have on hand.

3. Nice Cream

Nice cream isn’t real ice cream, but it mimics it pretty well.

You’ll have to do a little prep for this one, but it’s nothing close to rocket science. Just make sure you put some bananas in the freezer so they’re ready to go whenever you start craving this sweet treat.

Or, make your nice cream in advance so you can just scoop some out when you’re ready for a snack!

The best part about making nice cream:

You don’t have to wait.

You can eat it straight out of the food processor or blender because it’s already cold.

There are a ton of flavor variations so you can put your favorite spin on your nice cream. From good old chocolate and strawberry to pina colada, it’s a delicious, fat-free, and vegan treat that contains no added sugars!

4. Frozen Yogurt

Another alternative to ice cream that is just as cold and plenty sweet, frozen yogurt is sure to satisfy any cravings that crop up around midnight. It’s so creamy that you won’t even realize you’re eating yogurt.

Yogurt contains probiotics that help your gut to form the good bacteria it needs for healthy digestion.

No upset stomach with this one!

Frozen yogurt tends to have less sugar and lactose in it than proper ice cream. It also contains fewer calories, which is definitely ideal if you’re looking to cut back.

5. Fruit Leather

This one will take the most work to get ready, but once you make it, it’s easy to grab from the cabinet when you’re feeling snacky.

Fruit leather is basically beef jerky made from fruit.

Do you remember Fruit by the Foot from your childhood? Those delicious rolls of sugar that had absolutely nothing to do with fruit? This is like the grown-up version of those.

Take any raw fruit you desire and dry it out to preserve it for your late-night grab-and-go session.

6. Smoothie or Protein Shake

Want a milkshake?

Not so fast!

Put away the ice cream and try a healthier alternative that’s just as creamy but way better for you.

Whip up a glass full of nutrition by making yourself a smoothie. There are so many ways to up your smoothie game with superfoods from fruits and vegetables to oats and seeds.

If you’d prefer something a little closer to a real milkshake, a protein shake may be what you’re after.

Perfect for anyone who spends time in the gym, protein shakes come in a variety of flavors to delight even the pickiest of taste buds. It’s a great way to trick your brain into thinking you’re having a sweet treat without giving into its pleas for sugar.

7. Yogurt Parfait

We already talked about the health benefits of yogurt for your digestive system.

But yogurt parfaits are so much more than just yogurt. They’re a triple threat!

You get the probiotics from the yogurt along with antioxidants from your favorite fruit and a combination of protein and fiber from the granola.

It’s a layered snack, rich with goodness from top to bottom!

In Conclusion

There’s no other time you’re more susceptible to your cravings than nighttime. It’s late, you don’t want to make anything, and you really just need something to munch on before you go to bed.

Don’t give in!

These seven healthy snacks are incredible replacements for your go-to comfort foods. Your sweet tooth won’t be able to tell the difference, and neither will your stomach.

And if they’re the only thing available in your kitchen, you won’t have a choice!
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