Pest infestations are not fun when you’re trying to live peacefully. You don’t like the thought of sleeping in your bed while a few critters are roaming around your residence, populating and eating your food. If you’re looking for methods to prevent, treat, and handle an infestation in your house, there is a stockpile of effective pest weapons at your disposal.


If you’re looking to get rid of stubborn mosquitoes that are floating around your home, try lighting some citronella candles inside. It has the added bonus of preventing further intrusions, and suffocating any mosquitoes who remain indoors. Check and see if the screens in your windows need to be replaced, this is one of the more common ways that mosquitoes gain entry to your house.

Also check your gutters to ensure that they are being emptied properly, mosquitoes tend to produce eggs in any stagnant water. Take a look around your yard and see if there are any sources of stagnant water that you can rid yourself of. If you’re limiting their ability to reproduce you’ll be limiting the amount of mosquitoes that can enter your yard. The pest control experts from Depestify recommends using netting barriers to prevent mosquito entry. Also, using a bug zapper can be a good method of limiting the amount of mosquitoes around your yard.


Cockroaches have been in an arms race with humanity for many centuries as we try to get rid of this awful pest. Using products like boric acid help poison cockroaches, and they also cause damage to their exoskeleton as well. If you decide to use bait with this poison, try using bait that is low in glucose. Cockroaches have become smart to baits that have high amounts of sugar over time. Cockroaches that do not have the gene that tells them to avoid sugar will consume fatty foods indifferently. Use peanut butter just to be safe if you don’t know what kind you’re dealing with.

Make sure you aren’t leaving any food out anywhere in the house, dispose of food immediately. Cockroaches will be attracted to this food and will be able to feed. Place boric acid around your garbage can so they’re forced to wade through it prior to getting inside.


Earwigs are almost more repulsive than cockroaches and they are particularly bad in humid areas of the world. One way to reduce the amount of earwigs in your home is to try and pinpoint if there is any source of moisture that might be attracting them. Try to find any leaky pipes and fix the problem, as well as place some caulking on any cracks in your house. Vacuuming consistently and making sure food isn’t readily available is also another way to prevent their intrusions.

Diatomaceous earth works well against earwigs as it draws inside fluids out through osmosis. It has sharp silicon dioxide molecules that pierce the earwigs exterior, and any other earwigs that decide to munch on their friend will also suffer the same result. It comes in a powdered form and can be used around the hotspots of earwig activity to lower the population.


Most people are not prone to being okay with just one spider in their house, usually we instantly kill it when we see one. While spiders can be great for eating some of the more invasive insects in the house, having an infestation of spiders is a worst nightmare. Spiders are non-social creatures are a lot easier to get rid of than some of the other insects on this list.

Attempt to reduce the amount of foliage surrounding your house so the spiders don’t have anywhere to hide and get other insects. As with earwigs and cockroaches you might want to use caulking to seal any cracks outside and inside your home to prevent their entry. Try and keep your outdoor lights off, this attracts a lot of the spiders food (moths, flies, etc.) and it won’t give them a readily available food source. Products like diatomaceous earth also work well, as well as insecticides. Just make sure whatever your product you’re using is safe for both the children and pets in your home.

If you’re particularly stubborn, you may try ridding yourself of an infestation on your own. Use your judgement, if the pests have particularly taken hold in your residence, it may be time to call a professional to ensure that they are eliminated. In the case of insects like the cockroach, you may need to keep up with treatments for an elongated period of time until you’ve killed almost all of the population.