The process of getting a good quality mattress can seem daunting, especially if you don’t know what exactly to look out for. You shouldn’t compromise getting a goodnight’s sleep with anything else. It is during your sleep when your body gets to relax, rest, and recharge to face yet another busy day. Therefore, the most significant investment you can make in regards to your sleep is to get a mattress suitable for your body’s sleep needs.

These days, mattresses are being sold everywhere. The noise is overwhelming, and if you are not careful, you might be influenced to buy a mattress that is not perfect for your needs. Remember, what is comfortable for someone else is not automatically convenient for you, as well. Sleeping needs are different to every person.

If the time for you to replace your old mattress has come, don’t be in a rush to purchase another mattress. Take your time to know what exactly you are looking for. While this guide may not guarantee you for a perfect mattress since everybody’s needs are unique, it will help you make informed choices. Before going into details, some of the best mattresses brands are Tuft and needle, Casper, Saatva is also a very good choice.

When to replace your mattress with a new one

Check out the below signs and decide if it is time to purchase a new mattress.

1. Mattress older than 8 years

The durability of a mattress will depend on its quality, the materials used, and how often it is slept on. If you are sleeping on the same mattress you slept on in your college years, be honest; you need a bedroom makeover like yesterday. If you inherited your mattress from your elder sister’s guestroom and you are still using it, it is high time you plan on getting a new mattress.

Ideally, a decent mattress can last for about 7 to 8 years. If you have used yours for more than 8 years, you are overstretching it, and no way will it be in a position to offer you a comfortable sleep. Further, your mattress can also wear out faster if you’re are sharing your bed with your partner or if you are a bigger person. So, don’t necessarily wait for eight years to purchase a new mattress, if yours is worn out, replace it. If you don’t want to suffer from back and neck pains, don’t sleep on a worn-out mattress.

2. Uncomfortable mattress

Comfort is key to a goodnight’s sleep. The problem comes when you fail to notice that your bed has a problem and end up adjusting to the discomfort. This can be very dangerous because it could be hurting your back, and by the time you realize it, you will be spending a fortune consulting a chiropractor. Don’t allow this to happen to you. If any time you spend a night in a hotel room or a friend’s guest room, you wake up feeling so fresh and energetic, your mattress at home could be at fault and needs a replacement.

3. Saggy mattress

When you wake up, do you notice a dent in your mattress in the same shape as your body? If your answer is yes, it is time to get a new quality mattress. The dent shows that your mattress is overly used and old enough to retire. A saggy mattress is a guarantee to lousy sleep. It won’t only disrupt your sleep, but it can also cause you pains and aches. In short, you can never enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep on a saggy mattress.

4. If you wake up stiff and sore

You are supposed to wake up feeling fresh and energetic because your body rested for more than 7 hours. But if you end up waking up sore and stiff every morning, there is a problem, and your mattress could be the cause. Another sign that your mattress is at fault is if you wake up with worse back pains, but they subside when you move around and do some stretches. If you are suffering from pain when sleeping or waking, experts recommend a sleep test on different types of mattresses before making your purchase.

Best tips for buying a good quality mattress

Did you know that you spend more time on your bed than on any other piece of furniture in your home? Well, in that case, your bed should be the most comfortable place. That is why you should be a well-informed mattress shopper. Here are tips to guide you.


When shopping for a mattress, focus more on satisfaction. It is not about buying the most expensive mattress in that store but rather about getting a mattress that will give you the best sleeping experience. Some common factors to consider are the size, type of materials used, and firmness.

Be specific

The mattress you buy will be used by you and not any other person. Hence, don’t be misled by the noise being made by marketers. Make sure you look for a mattress that suits your personal needs. Sometimes, what experts hail as the best in the market may not be what best for your body.

Test drive the mattress

If you are not purchasing your mattress from an online platform, then you have the privilege to test drive your mattress before you buy it. To check the mattress, lie down on the mattress the same way you sleep at home. Allow about 10 minutes to feel the effect. Although this exercise seems silly, don’t underestimate its outcome. Remember, this is a mattress you are going to use every night. It is better you spend the better part of your day shopping for a mattress but have years of a goodnight’s sleep.


It is advisable to look for trusted brands when shopping for a mattress. Those brands are well-known to offer quality products, and so you can be guaranteed to get a good quality mattress. Plus, they have an excellent customer support system, and their warranties are good. Remember that you are spending a good amount of money on that mattress. So the more extended the warranty, the better for you as the consumer.