You have probably set yourself individual performance and fitness targets and it is down to you to meet those goals with your exercise regime but is it better to do your workout solo or could it prove more beneficial to hit the gym in a group?

Choosing a premier fitness gym that has all the equipment and facilities you need is important and another decision to make is whether you might do better if join a group of like-minded people who have the same fitness aspirations as you.

Here are some of the key points about group exercise to help you decide which option works best for you.

There is often a trade-off to consider

It seems that there is a reasonable chance that your performance level in the gym might be slightly higher when you go through your routine on your own, probably because your primary focus is on getting through your routine without any potential distractions.

However, exercising is not just about reaching a decent level of fitness and achieving a toned body, there is also the boost to your mental as well as your physical wellbeing that can be influenced by regular exercise.

You might put in more effort when you are working out alone but you might not get the same benefit when it comes to your stress levels when compared to how you feel when you exercise alongside others in a group.

The sense of community and belonging that you can enjoy when you are exercising alongside friends in a stimulating environment like a well-equipped gym shouldn’t be underestimated.

Encouraging each other to do better and sharing the pleasure of hitting new personal targets can provide some extra mental health benefits that go beyond exercise.

You might work slightly harder when working out on your own but if you want to boost your mental health and reduce stress levels, exercising in a group could be a worthwhile tradeoff.

Social benefits

Although it seems that you probably won’t get any fitter in a group compared to exercising alone there are sociable aspects which are worth thinking about.

There are also plenty of benefits attached to partaking in regular solo exercise, of course, but as we tend to be social animals it makes plenty of sense to appreciate that the social aspect of going through your routine in a group can have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing.

If you enjoy regular exercise and you like socializing too, combining the two could really lift your spirits and put a smile on your face every time you join a class.

Working out can also be lots of fun

If you like to push yourself hard and have already reached a level of fitness that is a notch above what regular gym-goers tend to get to it has to be said that you might find it frustrating to have to slow the pace down if you are working in a group.

Group workouts are about working together and encouraging each other throughout the session and the emphasis is about having fun and enjoying the company of others while you exercise. If you are going to be frustrated by others who are not working to your usual pace it might be that solo is still the best route for you.

Despite this, you could try a mix and match which involves doing your solo routines following your own rules, workout times, and pace, but get involved in some group classes too so that you can enjoy the social aspects of exercising.

You could even help to inspire others who are not as fit as you to get closer to your level with some friendly encouragement.

Helping each other to exercise correctly

It is worth pointing out that you can get stuck in a bit of a rut when you exercise alone and there could be new trends that you might not be aware of because you go solo.

Working in a group under some professional guidance will give you access to new training ideas and routines that you might like to try. Plus, there is also the chance that you might not be doing a certain move correctly because you are self-taught.

Working in a group will give you access to some new ideas that could keep your workout fresh and interesting and if you are doing something incorrectly, which could lead to an injury or mean you are not working the muscles in the right way.

Group exercise means looking out for each other and you might benefit in this scenario.

Stay motivated

Most people who have already tried exercising in a group can find a positive aspect attached to the experience and one of those plus points is the fact that working alongside others can often improve your levels of motivation.

If you are new to fitness training, joining a group can be a great way to get a taste for what it is all about and you will most likely enjoy plenty of support and guidance from others in your group.

Peer support is an excellent source of motivation and the sort of camaraderie that can develop is well worth experiencing, as well as being a positive motivational factor.

Which is better?

It is almost impossible to answer the question as to whether it is better to exercise solo or in a group as there are pros and cons to consider on both sides.

It is fair to say that you couldn’t positively state that one option was better than the other so it is down to you to see which one works best for you. Alternatively, you could enjoy the best of both worlds and mix it up.

Doing a bit of solo and group exercise will help to ensure that you always feel challenged and benefit from the social aspects of exercising with like-minded individuals.

Getting fit and staying in shape is fun whichever way you look at it.