For a huge number of people across the globe, few pastimes come close to the joy and excitement that can be provided by sport.

Whether you are running on a track or kicking a ball around with friends, being active gives you a chance to challenge yourself and boost your health in the process. This is something that many people recognise, with European Union statistics revealing that around 44 per cent of its population undertook some physical activity at least once a week in 2014.

However, while doing it yourself is fun, watching and following the very athletes and competitors can also be thrilling. But, just what is the best way to take in the action? Whether you’re new to the world of sport or a fan of many years, here we offer some ideas on how to take your enjoyment to a whole new level.

1. Watch it live

Nothing can prepare you for the thrills and excitement of heading to your team’s home ground and watching them in action. While you may have enjoyed matches or events on TV, being there in person is completely different as you get to fully experience the amazing atmosphere. From the chanting of the crowd to the pre-match entertainment, it is an experience like no other.

2. At the pub

Of course, depending on what you want to watch, getting a ticket may not always be that straightforward. If you’ve missed out on the chance to see the event live, the next best thing can be to watch the action unfold in a bar or public space like a fan zone. Such settings tend to be buzzing with atmosphere and they can again offer plenty of excitement.

3. House party

Having your own get-together to enjoy the big match can also be a great way to take in the action. Inviting your nearest and dearest around can be great fun and in the summer months there’s even the opportunity to make a day of it with a barbecue too. While you may not be able to guarantee that the result will go your way, doing this will mean you can still enjoy yourself.

4. Back up your predictions

Another way to get more out of your love of sport could be to consider some sports betting. As Asiabet highlights in its page on the issue, betting is available on a host of different sports types these days and you can make predictions on everything from the first goalscorer in a football game to who is going to get the most runs in a cricket match. Fans love to sit and try and predict the outcome of matches and other events, so betting gives you a chance to test your knowledge and win big in the process.

5. Fantasy league

Most sports fans would love the chance to manage their own team and guide them to glory, but of course few of us ever get that opportunity. However, fantasy leagues have changed all that and can be a good way to again show your sporting knowledge and compete against friends. So pick your squad, select your starting XI and do battle with your mates for some real bragging rights.

Get more excitement

Sport has offered up so much excitement in the past few months, from the thrills of the Cricket World Cup and the Ashes to the start of the football season and the bruising action of the Rugby World Cup.

Whatever you’re a fan of, we hope the ideas above will give you some food for thought as to how you can get even more enjoyment out of your love of sport. While we cannot always guarantee your favourites will win, taking such steps should still mean you get to have a good time.