The bright yellow color of gold jewelry is definitely attractive. Gold jewelry has become a must have accessory for both men and women. With every new season, we see fresh trends coming in gold jewelry. While some like to follow the trend and stay up to date, others may like to stick to classics. On the other hand, gold jewelry is also expensive, so it is understandable if you want to invest in styles that will stay in fashion for long or are evergreen fashion statements. There are so many styles out there that it might get confusing for someone who only wants to buy a few classic pieces. Here is a list of must have jewelry items which can be worn no matter what the trending styles are.
gold chains

Chains and Layering

A simple gold chain is a standard choice for many men and women when it comes to gold jewelry. Gold chains are evergreen and rarely go out of fashion. They can be worn with a pendant or without. Another way to wear them is to layer several gold chains. Its gives a trendy look and adds to the appearance. In gold chains, you can buy any designs, Curb chains, Rolo chains, Cuban chains, Box chains etc. To vary your look, you can wear them with pendants of different sizes and designs. What’s more, a gold chain need not necessarily be worn around the neck. You can wrap it around your wrist to make it a trendy bracelet.

Gold Hoops

gold hoopsHoops have been in fashion since forever. And when it comes to gold hoops, they make the perfect combination. Hoops come in various sizes. From the bold oversized hoops, to petite small hoops, you can pick according to your style. You can decide the size of the hoops based on the length and width of your neck. If you have a short and broad neck, go for smaller hoops. They will accentuate your neck and make it look taller. For people who have tall and slender necks, wear big hoops for the classy look. Gold hoops need not be plain, they are often studded with jewels. But if you want to buy something that goes with most of your outfits, it is advisable that you buy plain gold hoops.

Gold Rings

gold ringYou don’t have to bore yourself with just your wedding ring. A gold band is a good investment when it comes to fashion. A simple gold band is one of the classics. They come in varying widths. Just like gold hoops, select gold bands according to the shape of your fingers. Popular gold rings include ones with solitaires and other gems. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are the ones used most commonly in rings. Stack multiple gold rings for a cool look.

Gold Bracelets

gold braceletGold jewelry is incomplete with a little trinket around your wrist. Gold bracelets or gold bangles are a classic favorite. You can never go wrong with a simple gold bracelet hanging from your wrist. Just make sure it is not too loose or it will simply slide off your hand. Also, do not go for stacking gold bracelets, it is not as appealing as stacking other colourful bracelets and wristbands.
While wearing gold jewelry keep in mind that the lesser the better. Precious metals and stones look elegant and classy and give out their true aura when they are in solitude, hence the charm of the solitaire. Try to not overload yourself with gold and keep only one focal point of your jewelry, be it a chain, bracelet or ring. Avoid wearing all of them together because they will definitely not complement each other. Just keep it simple!