It can be scary to admit that you’re at a point in your life when you need help with substance abuse. Our addictions can start to find ways to justify their existence and the reasons we’re doing the things, and we start avoiding our families, lying to friends, betraying the trust of those who care for us – all of it becoming acceptable when you’re fighting the demon that is addiction.

While you may be at the point of admitting that you need help, the thought of going to rehab might still be intimidating. However, rehab can save your life. Here are five reasons why going to rehab might be the best thing you ever do.

1. Break your addiction

This is the ultimate goal many people go to rehab hoping to do: break their addiction. Addiction is almost impossible to break as long as you stay in the environment that gives you access to the substance or to people who also have addiction issues.

This rehab or any accredited facility will put you in a drug-free environment and will also help support you through detoxification. Not everyone needs to go through detox, but for those that do, this is only the first step in recovery.

2. Understand what drives your addiction

Addiction stems from a place deep inside us that we rarely understand. Rehab allows you to gain insight into what draws you to drug abuse. Whether you are drawn to drugs as a means to cope with past trauma, as a way to deal with stress or depression, or as a shortcut to emotional or physical wellbeing – once this is uncovered, you can start building the coping skills needed to avoid drug addiction.

3. Learn about addiction

Understanding your addiction has a lot to do with knowing what addiction is. Once you’re free of the drugs in your body, it’s time to understand what experiences of people trigger the urge to take drugs. Rehab will help you explore those triggers so you can avoid them once you’re back out on your own.

4. Create boundaries that will help you in the future

When you’re struggling with addiction, you often take little responsibility for your behavior while your loved ones take on too little. Learning healthy boundaries will help you rebuild healthy relationships with your loved ones and learn to take responsibility for your actions. Poorly defined boundaries mean that family members or loved ones can take on roles that help them cope with stress but can cause further issues for you. Rehab will help you understand where these boundaries lie and how they get confused, and how you can remedy the situation.

5. Build new habits and practices

Those who struggle with drug use and substance abuse issues often have poor discipline and bad self-care habits. A bit part of recovering from addiction is in setting and accomplishing goals once you’re out of rehab. Rehab can help you set long-term and short-term goals that can help you stay away from drugs in the future.