While it may be true that “Girls just wanna have fun”, finding the right gifts for girls will certainly get them closer to accomplishing that objective.

That’s especially true for girls who consider gift-giving to be their primary love language.

In the following article, we’ll be picking the three core groups of the best presents for girls with some examples of each. Before getting into that, however, you’ll need to do a little homework.

Before You Buy

Any gift ideas for girls should be tailored to the individual. It shouldn’t be generic, in other words. She’ll see right through it, so try taking these steps as a precaution.

Determine the Age

Finding a top gift for girls significantly depends on the age of the girl you’re buying for. You probably wouldn’t get a grown woman a Barbie Dreamhouse, so factor this element into your final decision-making.

Decide the Purpose

Any girl’s present should have a purpose behind it. Are you professing romantic love, telling your daughter how much she means to you, or buying for a female co-worker at the next office Christmas party?

Consider the Occasion

Girl gifts also typically follow an occasion, and the quality of the gift could hinge on whether you’re buying for the right occasion. Is it a Christmas gift, engagement, anniversary, birthday? Just Because gifts are good ideas, too.

Check for Obstacles

What are some obstacles that could keep you from getting the perfect gift? What will your contingencies be? Take a little time to think through multiple options.

Now that we’ve covered the homework, it’s time to get down to business. Women are unique so it would be incredibly tough to pick three simple items and call them the best gifts ever. Instead, let’s look at the three main camps of presents with suggestions for each.

1. Jewelry

Girls appreciate both homemade (like DIY charms, for example) and store-bought jewelry gifts ($5,000 engagement rings, anyone?). Observe her style when picking something out.

Does she like big fancy hoop earrings or something sparkly and less obvious? Will she be able to wear it at work or only during free time? These are factors worthy of consideration.

2. Scents

Girls love things that smell good, and it doesn’t matter if it’s to make her home smell better or herself. That reality opens up several options if you’re unsure where to start.

You could buy her some incense and candles for the home in a scent that you know she is particularly fond of. Or, you could buy her body mist, perfume, shampoo bars. The options are many.

3. Electronics

Girls love their electronics just as much as the boys do.

That’s true whether it’s a young girl watching YouTube videos on her iPad, a young woman wearing wireless headphones for her trip to the gym, or an elderly woman catching up on her Kindle reading! There are many ways you can give the gift of electronics to the favorite girl in your life.

These Gifts for Girls Will Brighten Any Occasion

We hope this look at top gifts for girls has given you some ideas of what to buy for her the next day that calls for it. Best of luck! For more gift-giving tips, check out some of our other blog posts.