Every year spent with the person you chose to be as your life partner or better half deserves to be celebrated properly. The fact that you made it so far and this year you will celebrate 48 years of being together as one is indeed an incredible thing. It’s not yet 50, but you’re not that far away from it either. Of course, neither 48 or 50 should be a goal, as you need to be together as much as it is possible and show everyone that real relationships exist even in our days. Besides having family and friends close to you during your 48th anniversary, most certainly you’re looking for the best gift for your spouse.

Although you know your spouse well after so many years spent together, you may still have trouble finding the ideal gift. You probably gave yourself so many gifts up to this point that it can be quite difficult to find an idea you haven’t covered so far. The 48th wedding anniversary definitely requires a special approach, so we are willing to share with you a few ideas that may work. Yes, we all know that no matter what you give your spouse will be more than fine. You already form a solid team together and every small gift or attention is properly appreciated. Still, it is worth making a gift that is there to stay, so you can continue to cherish every year spent together and every anniversary you get to enjoy together.

How will you impress your lady this time? Well, we all know women love flowers. You probably spoiled her with numerous flower bouquets so far, but how about offering jewelry made with real flowers? Yes, it is possible to offer your wife a beautiful set made out of earrings and a necklace with a pendant made out of real rose petals. The flowers are glazed so that they will resist in time and the set is made out of 24K gold, so she can wear it over and over again without the risk of seeing it fade. Just like your love and respect remained untarnished over the years, this gorgeous rose set will mark yet another year together. Of course, the set will arrive packed in an adequate manner. Anniversarygiftsbyyear.com makes sure that all the gifts you choose will be presented in the best way possible. This 24K gold rose set will be packed in a gorgeous leather case, which can also serve as the ideal storage solution when the jewelry set is not worn.

As a couple that went through a lot together, you probably know that it is the small gestures that spice up life and make it beautiful and fulfilling. Moments like surprising her with a flower without any obvious reason, helping her with laundry, or cooking his favorite dinner because you know that will put a smile on his face. So, if you enjoyed giving your wife flowers as often as possible, why don’t you take things up a notch for your 48th wedding anniversary? This time, give her a rose dipped in gold, which will never wither. The rose is entirely natural and picked in its best shape when the flower is in full bloom. It is then carefully covered in a layer of pure gold so that it will appear like being frozen in time, just like your relationship with your wife is. This gorgeous gift will come packed in a leather case and together with a certificate of authenticity.

We talked about ladies so far, but how about gentlemen? What will you give your husband as a gift for your 48th wedding anniversary gift this year? He will appreciate any gesture you will make, but you truly want to impress him this time. You want to show him that you appreciate him and are grateful for all those moments he stood by your side and supported you. Considering that men love games and probably even play some, how about giving him a gold dipped poker cards set? The best part about this set is that it can be used just like a regular set of poker cards. Your husband will be able to take his time spent with his friends, playing poker and laughing to the next level. Most certainly he will be proud to display and use a set of cards covered in gold. Each and every card in the set is covered in 24K gold, the set is packed in a beautiful case, and it made to suit the latest tournament standards. So, this is not just a fancy gift, as the cards can indeed be used as intended.

Whether he is a golf enthusiast or maybe it may be time to try such a relaxing sport, a set made out of a golf ball and tee, both dipped in gold, may also represent an ideal gift choice for this year’s 48th wedding anniversary. Just like the cards, the set is completely playable and made to last. Even if your husband chooses to take his gift on the golf course, you can be sure that every item in the set will remain intact. The set was made to resist, so there are no worries at this chapter. Of course, if your husband will choose to display the set, it will definitely look stunning.

Reaching 48 years of marriage is an incredible thing and you are definitely an example for all the young couples out there. So, besides striving to help your out with outstanding gifts to mark this special moment, we also wish to transmit you our admiration and our congratulations. May you have many more anniversary years from now on!