You’ve already been noticing the changes in the air. Holiday decorations are covering the stores, gift options are lining shelves, and some radio stations are switching their normal tracks for Christmas tunes.

Yes, that means it’s time for the holiday spirit to enter your body, guiding you through this season and picking out the perfect gifts for your loved ones, whether it’s that toy your child has been begging for or a set of holiday gift stickers to make everyone smile.

But sometimes, that holiday spirit is more Grinch-like than jolly, and choosing gifts can be challenging. No matter how you feel about this gift-giving season, taking a strategic approach can make the process easier! Use these tips to avoid the 5 most common mistakes people make when giving gifts to reduce stress and increase your chances of finding that perfect present.

1. The Wrong Interests

Here’s the most important thing to remember. What you love and the gift recipient’s favorite things may differ entirely. Try to get to know the person’s interests before you start shopping. For example, you may want to get your child’s teacher a gift card to a popular coffee shop, but they don’t drink or go to that store. The card will end up either regifted or donated or sit in their wallet, never to be used.

2. Speaking of Regifting … That’s a “No.”

Unless you’re invited to a White Elephant gift exchange party that specifically encourages regifting, try to avoid this temptation. Sure, it’s a great way to pass on something you don’t use to someone who might appreciate it, but you take the chance that the recipient or someone they know may recognize the present as regifted. This gifting is often insulting instead of thoughtful.

3. Focusing on Quantity Over Quality

Maybe you love seeing people open their presents, and because of that, you think they’d appreciate more gifts instead of better gifts. But most of us prefer something thoughtful we’ll use or enjoy rather than many things that clutter up our homes.

4. Adding More Expenses to the Recipient

Before you choose a gift that sounds perfect, think about whether the recipient will need to spend money to use it. This is common if you buy a gift certificate to a service, such as a spa treatment or a restaurant gift card, where the person getting the service might need to spend extra or include a tip. If you really want to give them a pampering session, visit the facility and find out how much it will cost for a full session plus tip, and get a gift certificate for the whole amount.

5. Spending Too Much Money

We know you want to make the season special for all your loved ones, but they do not want to see you go broke in the process. Set a budget for your gift-buying expenses, and split it up amongst the people you’re shopping for. Avoid putting presents on credit cards if possible. This takes away the enjoyment of the holiday season and turns it into resentment as you pay off those purchases over the coming months (or years). Instead, look at your budget closely and try to determine how you can invest in one or two quality gifts instead of multiple items that put you over your price range.