Planning to sell your house? If yes, then it’s time to move and get to work. Selling a home, for instance, requires a lot of time and planning. From interviewing real estate agents to making minor renovations and repairs, you need to consider all of these things to get a good start on your preparation.

If you’re planning to sell your home on the market soon, here are a few things you need to consider from the get-go.

1. Look For A Great Real Estate Agent

The first step to getting ready for selling your house is to find an excellent real estate agent. Make sure the one you hire is knowledgeable about the market and someone whom you trust and comfortable to work with. To get the right person, don’t hesitate to shop around and interview them before selecting one.

Once you pick the perfect one, ask the real estate agent to prepare a marketing plan that outlines how to market your home. Also, request them to create a comparative market analysis so that you’ll know the home values in your area.

2. Start Packing

In most cases, cluttered and cramped spaces can make your house unappealing to buyers. It can also make your area look smaller and unwelcoming. If your home is filled with many belongings, it may be difficult for others to imagine themselves living there. First, box up excess toys, family photos, and other family photos. Second, store away the things you don’t use every day. If you’re moving soon, hire professionals like Movers NYC to handle the packing tasks for you. That way, you’ll not only have a head start of your move, but you also make your house attractive to buyers.

3. Prepare Your House For Sale To Welcome Buyers

Primarily, the first thing you should do to put your house on the market is to prepare it to be shown in its best condition. Be sure your place looks great both inside and outside to make the right impression of it. Below are the things you can do to get ready for selling your home:

  • Depersonalize your space by removing personal belongings such as family photos, personal decorations, and many more.
  • Make your house sparkle by getting your house cleaned. You can hire a cleaning service or do a DIY cleaning.
  • Repaint the rooms in neutral colors to enable buyers to pay attention to the spaces and not the paint colors.
  • Address some house issues that need repair. These may include a leaking faucet, defective bulbs, drywall holes, and many more.
  • Clean the windows to let natural light in.
  • Clean the AC unit condenser to clear debris out.
  • Update lighting fixtures and be sure to install new bulbs that are appropriate for specific areas.
  • Get rid of bulky pieces of furniture to make your house feel and look bigger.
  • Decorate the table with fresh flowers in the dining and kitchen room.
  • Be sure the lawn isn’t a mess. Cut the grass before staging your house.
  • Plant flowers and plants to beautify the surroundings.

4. Take Great Photos Of Your House

Shop around to look for a professional photographer who can take high-quality, professional photos inside and outside. Find someone who uses HDR photography and a wide-angle lens so you can make the dark areas more visible.

5. Rent A Storage Unit

Again, preparing your house for selling on the market usually involves some decluttering of your belongings. For such reason, renting a storage unit to store all your belongings in there can be a great idea. By having a storage unit from long distance moving companies, you’ll have a temporary secure place for all your stuff when staging your home to the buyers.


Selling a home can be a challenging undertaking. However, if you spend much time and conduct your research carefully, you can do everything that it takes to make a sale. Moreover, by following the things mentioned above, you can also end up saving more money in your wallet because of your hard work and dedication.