Lawn ornaments add to the beauty of all home gardens and outdoor space. You can find various statues with aesthetic and appealing designs from local and online stores to decorate your garden.

You might have commonly seen Ganesha garden statues in many Hindu households. Although these idols beautify the garden, five things make these statues more than a decorative item. Here, they are:

Ganesha Idols bring Peace and Serenity

You can do your morning meditation sitting around the Ganesha garden statues on your lawn.

Similarly, garden statues of Gods around your homes can provide a serene environment to the place, generating a happy feeling for all. After a long day at work, looking at the Ganesha statue in your garden will give you a sense of contentment and peace.

Lord Ganesha is worshipped before commencing any new job or endeavor. The elephant-headed God always showers blessings for his devotees at such times.

Praying to the idol in your garden when you step out to do something new will also give you a boost of energy.

Different Materials Bring Different Energies

You can choose a Ganesha idol for your garden made of different materials. Each material signifies a different effect on your life.

For example, an idol made with clay or mud can help to clear obstacles in life. A wooden Ganesha statue in the garden is believed to bring good health for the people. Brass garden statues of God can bring joy and happiness to your homes.

Ganesha can Ward off the Evil Eye

A Drishti Ganesha artifact in the garden can ward off evil spirits and negativity from entering the house. You can find a wide range of the evil-eye protector statues of the elephant-headed God. These are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Correct Placement gives Desired Results

A Ganesha idol placed in the right direction will always give positive results. Garden Ganesha statues placed in the east or west direction of the home are considered auspicious. It is considered to bring good luck for the people who live there.

Different Postures Offer Varied Benefits

Ganesha garden statues installed at the entrance of your house can bring prosperity and success to your life. Different postures will offer various benefits for the house.

An idol in a sitting position represents harmony and safekeeping. It is the exact kind of energy you want inside your home.

A standing Ganesha idol can bring happiness and joy inside the house. It is a symbol of goodwill and enjoyment.

A reclining or a sleeping statue of God will usher in stability and prosperity for your homes.

Garden Ganesha statues are not just any kind of decorative items. Ganesha idols have deep meaning associated with them. The serene look and image of the idol will lead you to the pathway of happiness, inner peace, and higher achievements in life.

Lord Ganesha is the God of wisdom and knowledge. He also represents the winning of good over bad. Worshipping his statue will help you climb the ladder of success.