Erectile dysfunction is one of the most frustrating experiences in a man. This is even worse for men who are in a romantic relationship. Men suffer erectile problems due to a number of reasons one being a man’s inability to get or maintain an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse.

ED lowers self-esteem and causes stress to the person suffering from the condition. Penis failure to function can be as a result of psychological or physical conditions or a combination of both. It is therefore important to seek medical attention so as to deal with underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

Today, many are opting for GAINSWave therapy, as it is one way of treating erectile dysfunction. The primary focus of this paper is to discuss the advantages of using GAINSWave as remedy for erectile dysfunction.

1. Takes less time

GAINSWave procedure takes about 20- 30 minutes to be completed. It is a procedure that applies high-frequency acoustical waves to the tissues. GAINSWave therapy is carried by a team of professionals who uses a small device that is pressed against the penis aimed at delivering small high frequency shockwaves to the tissues. It is thus saving time since no surgical procedure is involved in this process.

2. No surgical procedures involved

Erectile dysfunction can be treated through surgical procedure or medication like Viagra. However, GAINSWave therapy does not involve any surgical procedures. It involves application of shockwaves to the tissues of the penis with the aim of regenerating blood flow and growth of new blood vessels hence improving performance.

3. No medication is used

Medications like Viagra are taken to deal with the problem of erectile dysfunction. However, these medications do not have long-lasting solutions. GAINSWave therapy use acoustic sound waves that do not involve injection of any form of medicine. The drug free nature of this therapy increases its effectiveness since some drugs have some side effects that can be harmful to the patient like risks of heart attack.

4. Cleans up blood vessels of the penis

Erection of the penis is highly influenced by blood flow for effective performance. GAINSWave therapy is aimed at unblocking the blood vessels that stream blood to the penis. The acoustic sound waves unblock the blood vessels increasing blood flow to the penis hence reducing the risk premature ejaculation or no ejaculation at all.

5. Reactivates dominant blood vessels of the genital parts

Dysfunctional blood vessels of the genital parts lead to insufficient blood flow to the penis which is vital for an erection during sexual intercourse. GAINSWave therapy is aimed at remedying this problem without performing any surgical procedure or taking any medication. Weak tissues of the blood vessels cause reduced effectiveness of the vessels hence leading to very slow blood flow to the penis. It is therefore essential to remedy this problem for effective performance of the penis.

6. Regenerates new tissues

The penis has many tissues and if they are worn out its effectiveness during sexual intercourse is reduced. Weak tissues of the penis lead to reduced ejaculation and decreased pleasure during intercourse. Some men are also suffering Peyronie’s disease. Erectile dysfunction can be very humiliating and reduces a person’s self-confidence. The soundwaves used in GAINSWave therapy remedy the issue of weak tissues of the penis hence increasing its performance level.

7. No known side effect

GAINSWave therapy being a non-surgical procedure has no known side effects. Surgical procedures may at times go wrong leading to more or irreversible damage to the penis. The drug free and surgical free nature of GAINSWave makes it very safe because patients do not have to worry about irreversible outcomes.

8. Erection time is increased

GAINSWave is aimed at increasing ejaculation for its patients. Since this mode of treatment leads to generation of new tissue, increased blood flow, and cleaning up of blood vessels this in turn leads to high performance of the penis. With increased blood flow, the time that the penis remains erect is increased.

9. Increases sensitivity in the genital areas

The penis is a very sensitive organ. Increase in the sensitivity of the genital areas results in increased pleasure during intercourse. Effective blood flow to the genital areas and the regeneration tissues leads to an increase in sensitivity. Therefore, GAINWave therapy is a good remedy for erectile dysfunction.

10. Increases erection

Erection failure is a sign of erectile dysfunction. GAINSWave therapy aims at increasing the erection of the penis leading to increased pleasure and self-confidence. Increased blood flow to the genital areas and the regeneration of worn out tissues lengthens the time of ejaculation. Increased ejaculation time boosts self-confidence and reduces stress associated with erectile dysfunction.

11. Results are long lasting

GAINSWave therapy produces long lasting results. Surgical procedures or medication may at times prove to be ineffective at times. Medication may fail after some time but for GAINSWave therapy the results are long lasting. This remedy lead to reduction of stress and increases self-confidence.

12. Spontaneous erection

GAINSWave therapy promote unforced erection during sexual intercourse. At times a patient is required to take medication like Viagra so that they can engage in sexual activity. Increased blood flow to the genital areas makes ejaculation a natural process leading to an increase in self-confidence.

13. Makes one feel young and energized

Sex requires a lot of energy in order to achieve maximum satisfaction and pleasure. Sexual activity is both a physical and psychological activity. During sexual intercourse the heart beat level is rises leading to fast circulation of blood to the genital areas. Increase in the heart leads to increase in the energy level making even the old to feel young.

14. No age limits

There are a number of remedies for erectile dysfunction like medication and surgery. Some medications are limited on age and other medical conditions like high blood pressure. Also, surgical procedures are limited on age and medical conditions. GAINSWave is not a surgical procedure and no medication required hence this mode of therapy does not lock anyone out.

15. Increases orgasm

The main aim of engaging in sex is to attain pleasure and happiness. GAINSWave therapy enhances ejaculation and the performance of the genital organs during sexual activity leading to intense pleasure. Achieving orgasm increases happiness, reduces stress and boosts self-confidence.